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This GIYP fan states his girlfriend snapped this creep shot! Keep going for the full shot!

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  • Joe L

    I’d like to make a deposit into her ‘account’

  • John

    She can’t be taller than 5′

  • jack

    Extra tall counter top or one heck of a short woman! Nasty look closely through her hair which is bigger the gut or the butt.

  • Nelson Monts

    you might as well go start sucking cock now Jack you are obviously a faggot… this girl isn’t fat at all, she has a nice body…. if you think she is nasty then you will probably end of spending most of your life taking it up the ass…. message strokerace or doctor mario im sure they would give you some lessons on cock sucking, they are pros!

  • bmxbandit480`

    I’d like to make a deposit in her butt

  • http://girlsinyogapants colinsaGal

    thats her purse jack-ass! love the thick legs

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    Damn i want to hit that ass :)

  • chris

    Way to go, bro! You’re outa your mind, Jack!

  • Robert


  • Richard Head

    Her legs look like they bend the wrong way in the pic but that ass is looking nice.

  • DC

    Is that Snooki? Ew.

  • Mike

    Oh, now that is nice!

  • El

    Too dumpy. Her ass comes straight off her back without a curve in sight on the top. The bottom curve grabs attention but that long back look is not attractive. Lights out and i’ll take it.

  • Splinter76

    love it!!!!!

  • TacoEvolved

    I have never commented because most people are faggot trolls like Jack, but this ass begs the exception.

    Holy. Shit.

  • Jafarock

    Dude your dumb she has a pink Purse hangin to side in the front a lil and she is waay short and has a lil tiny bit of cheese on the ass by she is so bomb curves hell like jinx maze

  • Ryan

    I’d smash!

  • Jeephreak

    Pick up, mount, and spin.

  • Scott

    I see nothing wrong with this chick, she’s cute.

  • Chris

    Wowwwww. SO nice!

  • eddie

    looks greast

  • jack

    Neson / jimbo, you sure have a thing about people taking it up the ass. You must be guilty of it. I bet if you meet up with TacoEvolved you guys would hit it off. You guys could fulfill both your gay desires. As for making comments on the site everyone is entitled to their own coments. Without ignorant comments from uneducated idiots like Nelson / Jimbo & TacoEvolved

  • TacoEvolved

    Jack. Say my name.

  • StrokerAce

    I’d pummel that pumpkin! ;)

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    Id Plow that ass. FoSho.

  • Otto

    lots of faggets above me…. you fags typeed in the wrong site, you all meant to goto http://www.meninyogapants.com

    faggots of GIYP – 0 …. Nelson/Jimbo – 1

    I own you guys, you are all nothing to me, nothing but the dirt in between my shoes, the dog shit on the ground…. i own you guys everytime i type a comment in, the truth hurts doesnt it? i have been flaming nerds and virgin kids and fags since you were all just little gay babys sucking on your dads dick getting cum instead of milk….

    truth hurts doesnt it bitches? i always bring the truth… i know you guys may not like it but its true…. stroker ace and doctor mario are the biggest fags of them all, they have been flamed by me more then quaker got oats so they are just nothin, little punk pieces of shit kids like the rest of you virgin mother fuckers who think you actually got a chance on any of these girls on the entire website… you faggots would be lucky if a dog wanted to fuck you…. the dog would probably run away… AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH owned again by me, poor nerds you keep getting flamed by me i bet you are all sick of losing because i win every time…. I ALWAYS WIN, you fags always LOSE wanna know why?


  • PR Monkey

    Wow! Wonder about that face? excellent shot though… sweet, smash fo’sho!

  • Dizz

    Holy crap, that’s at my college! And I know that girl! I’ve seen that ass around campus and it’s real nice ;D

  • the dude

    they are right though jack, you’re an idiot, because that’s not her gut, that’s a pink purse, it’s even a different color from her shirt, and you can see the line her shirt follows along her flat stomach.

  • http://girlsinyogapants.com fanofgiyp

    thats a purse not a gut
    oompa loompas have great butts

  • Brad

    got to agree with Jack, this chick looks a little sloppy

  • eric goodwin

    its a little girl perverts!!

  • http://www.zedalza.com Frank

    The ass would bottom out without the pants on, but still worth a slam… And i generally don’t dig the snooki look anyway no matter what they’re packin

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