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Greatest location of all time for a girl in yoga pants.

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  • Jeephreak

    Dayum! She’s making breakfast so someone was lucky enough to hit that the night before. Lucky bastard.

  • Joel


  • Armando

    Looking good !

  • mark

    id prefer breakfast in bed :p

  • dirt


  • Raven

    Super hot

  • pullejo

    Perfect roundness in back AND up front. I’d scramble her eggs ‘fo sho!!!

  • Sean

    Wow… Just wow!!

  • JeremyJay

    Like “Titty Tuesday” and “Friday Frontal,” how about WTBW (Where They Belong Wednesday)? GIYP in the kitchen, doing the laundry, washing a car, cleaning the tub, etc. Brilliant!

    Oh yeah, and this girl is fiiiiiiiinnne…

  • Mike93

    Could I hit it in the mornin’!!!!!

  • ironman

    nice ass big boobs and cooks…..damn i am sold!!!!! i want 2 of her!!!!

  • El

    Nice n fluffy

  • larry

    thats Somaya Reece, annoying personality, but who needs one when she looks like that.

  • StrokerAce

    Nice ass, nice tits! I’m in love (again)… ;)

  • vs

    Great shape.

  • Reginald

    I agree with the first comment at the top yeah thats a lucky dude whoever got her.

  • Tom

    nice very nice

  • Marc neve

    I’m hungry now

  • jack

    Pass!!! She’s spent alot of money on silicone.

  • jimbo33

    Silicone and cellulite…pass….


    DAMN…….!!!!!!!!!!! SHE KNOWS HER ROLE

  • http://www.downdogyoga.org Derek

    very nice, but cut back a little on the eggs though they are putting on some lbs on that ass..gorgeous face

  • k

    Why this is so hot, it’s hard to explain. Guuuuhhhhhhh…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    Hell yea ill hit that!

  • jeffm209

    Fat-ass in yoga pants!

  • Robert

    down with that round!!

  • JimInNorthwest


  • AK74


  • aceable

    She is one of those that you would have to poke a hole in the pants so you can fuck her because once she takes of those tight close that makes her look so fucking good, everything will just fall down

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