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Did you know Ukraine is the second largest country in Eastern Europe? Yeah, I’d show her my second largest country any time she wants… That’s the best I’ve got right now.


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  • 2blunted

    Incredible… wow… Fuckin’ fantastic/perfect/gorgeous ass! Great work :P

  • Peter North

    Even though the Cold War is over I want to launch my missle at her.

  • James


  • daniel

    найкращий задня частина коли-небудь. робить мій мова жорсткий. I don’t know ukranian, but this is fine enough to go look it up on google just so I can compliment her in her native language.

  • somedude


  • maestro716

    im a little misty eyed….so beautiful

  • Marco

    Geebus chrispy, that is BANGIN’. More! And in less clothes! They should make “yoga thongs” or “yoga naked”, lol.

  • Bocca

    ….well gents this is my last post from the states, yep…up and moving to Ukraine…..

    with asses like that fuck the cold….

  • http://www.facebook david


  • GoCanes

    Yeah, this is a good example of the average eastern European girl. That’s right gents, I said “average.”

  • Jtc

    Awesome bum

  • Vic

    WOW now thats PERFECTION! any more pics would be greatly appreciated ;)

  • FatMammie

    Holy shit!

  • Robert


  • fanofgiyp

    That Beatles song “Back in the U.S.S.R” keeps running through my head. If they had wrote it today it might have been “Backside in the U.S.S.R.”

  • brayton

    holy chit that is one of the hottest asses I have ever seen

  • brayton

    i am in love

  • djtito

    Instant wood.

  • German

    Will you marry me?

  • money shot

    ohhhh sooooo sniffable! ;)

  • Jza


    Ps. GoCanes is a miserable Douche.

  • strilec

    Actually Ukraine is the largest country in Europe, but don’t mind…
    Nice “popa” anyway.

  • CreepshotArmy

    I cant wait til GIYP deploys scratch and sniff capabilities to their website!!

  • Mayday63

    Beautiful perfection

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