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So I wake up at the crack of noon as usual, put some water on the stove for my breakfast ramen noodle cup, and check the website email to see what gems await me today. The first email I see is titled “Girl + her cat” — I’m expecting either a picture of a girl with her pet cat, or something really dirty. Nope… it’s a girl with a dog. Of course.

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  • GoCanes

    I like… I like a lot.

  • somedude


  • James

    Give a dog a bone!

  • Rick

    She is quite nail-worthy, but that’s the strangest cat I’ve ever seen!

  • A.J.

    Damn! I have seen alot of women on here but both beauty and bum put together OMG she is gourgeous!!! A 10! A FUCKING 10!! lmao if you have ever seen the movie you know what I’m talking about lol.

  • Junsui

    That window is huuuuugeee!!!

  • Keven

    Did you know there is a dog in the picture? This is by far the hottest pic i have seen so far.

  • boner

    ummmm she has something caught in her bum does she need help getting it out

  • StrokerAce

    I. Love. The 80s. DAMN!

  • DiGuM

    8/10 booty………need more pics to verify

  • fanofgiyp

    Even though she’s not TECHNICALLY wearing yoga pants I still like it… A LOT!!!

  • kells

    is this a test shoot for american apparel? she’s cute

  • Blymie

    I give it a 10! A 10!!
    Absolutely perfect.

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa, that, THAT…THAT ass is Official!

  • 72GMC

    :~) def brings a tear of joy to my eye

  • BoB

    Forget the dog, I’ll give her a bone ;). I’m not one to beg but pleasebabypleasebabypleasebabyplease! Can you send some more :)

  • AG

    Nice to have a face pic for once.

  • HKsnpr308

    Very nice butt i think she could send in some better shots in that same outfit =]

  • matrix

    sweet mother of god!!!!

  • Johnny

    You really noticed the cat/dog? All I saw was her ass the first couple times I looked at the picture.

  • rob

    It’s an American Apparel advert. Someone just cropped it to take out the AA stamp.

  • http://GirlsinYogaPants jbu

    I don’t give a damn if Bigfoot was next to her on the couch. OH MY GOD WHAT A BOD!



  • Just Bob

    Sweet baby jesus now I’m taking up anal sex.

  • jeff

    She is a 10!! Very beautiful! Now if we can get the same pose with nothing on but a white sheet draped over her.

    She is very sensual!

    ok, i’m in love but will shut up now. lol ;)

  • BBB

    I hope she sends in more…a close up of her lovely looking ass would be a bonus….love you baby;)

  • Richard Head

    It doesn’t matter if she knows up from down or dog from cat when you’re a cutie with booty like that.

  • Kirsten Hogan

    That is totally American Apparel.

  • tightnround

    She’s super cute and that’s a sweet little bubble. This kind of ass is high on my list. No more evidence is needed, when a chick is lying on her belly and it rounds out from her hamstring like a cantaloupe, it’s officially a nice booty!

  • JimInNorthwest

    Maaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. I’d love to divide those luscious cheeks with my 3rd member.


    Hoot daamn, don’t sweat the technique baby girl you got it going on!

  • BBC

    damn i would cum on her back like a damn MOFO

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