Random Girl in Yoga Pants


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I guess this is where I say goodbye to being productive today.


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  • slart

    Sh e may be wearing yoga pants and her features might match, but for some reason I’m reminded of a 1940′s Disney cartoon of an ant. Where are the thighs? It just seems unnatural.


    Looks like an amazing bubble butt. thestinky.com

  • George

    Please don’t get me wrong here. I wouldn’t dream of throwing her outta bed…..BUT (pun intended) she too thin. Some guys like extremely skinny chicks, and thats totally cool, but for my taste she could be a little more…how should I say…substantial? I feel like if she works out anymore she will simply wink out of existence. Pretty girl though! Thanks for the pics!

  • Aldaris

    Jen is hot but I agree with George….for the training that she make regularly she should be more muscular, I mean, moar flesh and mass…her booty is really nice anyway!

  • Jamboni Zenkins

    Jen Selter, why you no play fair?!

  • Raperman

    Nice ass on her, love to tie her up, and fuck her brains out.

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