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I would marry them both at the same time. Is that legal? I’d go to jail for it.

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  • paul

    this is a threesome waiting to happen. i would not marrying the both of them if i lived in utah.

  • George

    While I should find this hot, I am deeply turned off by the girl’s thinness. Look at her legs! They are like toothpicks! She looks like she just got out of a concentration camp! That is extremely unsexy.

  • turd ferguson

    I’m afraid I’d have to pass on the gray pants!

  • loki

    These attention whores are gay and only into each other!!

  • Dr.S

    Now those lips must smell so fresh. I’m down to pass blindfolded. thestinky.com

  • luke


  • me

    way too skinny

  • robert andreone

    you guys are nuts, ill lick those butts.

  • Rich

    Um they aren’t lesbian. That’s anjelica she’s a porn star. And I would have to be both in them.

  • this is my user

    eh…ok i guess. Good enough to fuck both and leave a load in their ass

  • White Blackmon

    Lol if either of these girls came up to any
    of you guys and asked to fuck, none of you
    would be complaining about anything.

  • http://aol buddy roe

    Great! Just what the world needs, more Lesbians

  • Willwin

    The girl in the white shirt started that as a joke…but you can tell she is very into the other girl. Very Nuce.

  • luke

    I can’t stand that Eastern Euro porn. The chicks have all been starved and do not look good at all. They are all bony. I’ve actually dumped girls because I couldn’t stand looking at their ribs while doing them missionary or their backbone doing em doggy.

  • http://www.ihateyourface.com salboski

    Little wishbone booty. I agree with the other comments. Too skinny. Yes, most of us still would BUT it is just not the preferred body type. She literally can’t keep the pants on straight because she doesn’t have enough booty meat for an actual butt crack LMFAOOOOOOO.

  • steve

    who are they?

    • JayDeee

      The girl you see is an pornstar (one of my favorits). Her name is Anjelica.
      You can all thank me later.. Enjoy. ;)

      • CreepMode

        Fuckkkk yeah man, she’s a good girl ;)

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