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No, not in the depressing terrible way. We mean the hot, tattooed girl way. Make the jump for the full shot, and let this GIYP know what you think.

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  • nick


  • Zack

    Thumbs up.

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    that ass looks juicy…

  • Victor

    Damn thats a ass i wouldnt mind seeing again ;)

  • fromxtor

    More angles stat!

  • yes yes yes

    Oh yeah… we have a winner!!!

  • jeff

    barely anything there

  • blueollie

    I love the “split”

  • Soul

    Holy fucking shit. I think I’ve died a little.

  • D-Tank

    I’d like to bury my face between those cheeks.

  • riverman

    ya know, sometimes a good zoom lens is NOT a good idea!!! zoom the fuck out so we can tell what the hell we’re looking at!!!

  • Andrew

    Use a higher quality camera next time. Other than that…Yeah I’d bend her over and make her sore. Haha.

  • Morgasm

    Excuse me miss, can you hold my drink for me? O your hands are full? No worries, I see a place where you can set it down;)

  • BDI’s

    We can see you already have good taste with the VS Pink yoga pants. What you NEED, though, is someone to take clear, shake-free photos of your nicely rounded rumpage.

    I volunteer for the job. Let me know when and where.

  • StrokerAce

    Yeah I’d hit it, but I hate those foldover bands (or whatever you call ‘em). I don’t need to see who made the yoga pants, I just wanna see what’s in ‘em! ;)

  • J Lange

    It is a pleasure to view this rear
    It would be better if focused clear
    And turned a bit to the right
    So that lycra stretched tight
    Revealed and concealed those glutes so dear.

  • Johnny

    Fantastic ass but tattoos are not hot, quite the opposite.

  • damien

    Right click

  • koop

    Im I missing a picture or something bc if you reference suicide girls I.should see some ink and the pics that I see have no ink at all:(

  • eddie

    I likey

  • Blymie

    horrible pic, excellent booty.

  • anasslover

    fuzzy pic, amazing ass

  • Jeff


  • graniteplan

    very tight and round, excellent example

  • Mr. Burns

    I’ve seen much better on this site.

  • ranD

    I also am puzzled at said “tattoos” that are not visible……….

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    And She got a Bright one too nice ass

  • Me

    Well Shaped.

  • Darwin

    Nice and round. Got a little bubble action going on. Excellent.

  • Scott

    I pump her like an etheopian on a well pump.

  • shat

    excellent butt & lower back. mmmmmmm

  • Yowza

    very nice

  • fanofgiyp

    Crappy pic. AWESOME booty!

  • Robbie

    There were a few more pictures emailed too. Who wants to see more shots?

  • http://www.theefab.com make a profile

    pink loving it

  • stevem

    Nice pic…….Johnny, you don’t think tattoo’s are hot cause you are old, for a young person like me where tattoo’s are becoming a part of culture they are definitely hot, not Kat Von Dee tattooed but a few tattoo’s are hot

  • steven

    whoops put an m instead of n haha

  • assman

    now thats how I like my ass

  • Yoga Guy

    Hot hot hot…and SG girls are hot.

  • http://www.theefab.com make a profile

    pink o pink

  • Marco

    Nice start, maybe next time less dirty drawers on the floor and more of the whole package.

  • J Dub

    Tailgate approved! Nice glutes! lol

  • bmxbandit480

    I have a subscription to SG, and i would remember this ass.

  • Johnboy

    @Stevem, learn proper punctuation. I can’t stand it when people put apostrophes where they do not belong… Possessive noun= apostrophe, singular and plural nouns… not so much.

  • Chris

    If the floor is going to be in the shot, get the crap off it so we have no distractions from that rump!

  • Verified Columnist

    hot but bad pic

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