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  • Marco

    Oh hell yes girl…very VERY hot.

  • Godzilla

    Let’s see… nice tits, nice stomach, nice hips, nice thighs. All we need now is the ass and face. More of this hottie please.

  • Chris

    That is goddamn SEXY! WOW!

  • Oz


  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/clearwater88/ Brewery88

    All the right muscles in all the right places… :D

  • Dave

    In. Deed. :)

  • Aldusxenon

    Nice. Very nice abs.

  • meanstang

    Give it to me! Please…;-).

  • i like

    and i jizzed in my pants

  • nhgh

    non-existant bellybutton. nice photoshoppin’

  • jimbo jones

    disgusting…. rolls above her hips and you know they are ugly as sin when they hide their face…. hot girls take pleasure in showing their beauty. but hey, this site is probably 99% little teenage kids full of pimples and greaseballs that would do anything with a pulse and are still virgins

  • Jim

    More, please.

  • jimbo jones

    most of the girls on this website are nasty… i think i may have seen 2 or 3 decent ones…. i dont know who picks them but they must be blind… i know all of you kids are extremely desperate and the internet is the only way you get to look at a woman, but come on… atleast put some good stuff on here… the internet is ran by teenage nerd kids, what a pity.

  • r7

    Smoke’n bod! It’s good to see some frontal pics.

  • cantgetenuffadatass

    @jimbo jones – oooooo sick burn cool guy. Shut the fuck up man. If you don’t like the chic you move onto the next. no need to comment and try to act like the smartest redneck in kentucky, jimbo!

  • That guy

    @jimbo jones: Yet you seem to keep returning to this site to look at said girls. Also….ran by teenage nerd “kids”… teenagers who are also kids, how does that work?…. unsuccessful insult is unsuccessful

  • thatguy

    @jimbojones- i whole heartedly agree. that is all.

  • D-Tank

    Jimbo Jones. You’re a real winner with a name like Jimbo…fuckin hick.

  • blueman333

    now you just need to show off that rear of yours and it will be complete sexy

  • eaglesfanone

    its great when women wear vests made for babies and/or little people. just makes everything…..nice ;-)

  • yes yes yes

    This picture is awesome… great boobs. Would love to see a shot from behind!!

  • Adam

    AWESOME! Love the v-string and an amazing body! Please submit more. Back shots would be awesome, CT shots if you dare! ;)

  • Soul

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT! those boobs are ripe i wanna go omNom on them.
    more please. close up on the boobs. and a butt pic :”D

  • Soul

    @jimbo jones
    calm the fuck down. if you don’t like the site.. why bother surfing it? man the nerves of some people .__.”

  • Johnny

    My kind of giyp.

  • fanofgiyp

    This babe is ssssssmokin’! Send some ass shots PLEASE!!!
    @ jimbo jones, geeze dude, who pissed in your wheatie this morning.

  • Wes

    very sexy body, love to see you turn around

  • PissedinJimbo’sWheaties

    I did!! Fucking pussy can’t stop looking though. Maybe he won’t mind so much if it was DIYP, dudes in yoga pants. Fag!

    Bad Bitch!!!

  • StrokerAce

    Jimbo Jones = gay douchebag troll

    As for Ms. Frontal, does she want a facial? I’ll supply her one! ;)

  • Bevo


  • chuck

    love it…………………..

  • alex

    Boyaa!!! Hot stuff more of this chick please!!!!

  • Darwin

    Not a damn thing wrong with that!!

  • jimbo luvs school boys in yoga pants

    You have to appreciate a beautiful body when you see it. Thank you for the post.
    Jimbo, stop comparing these girls to the airbrushed ones you see in your mommies Victoria Secret magazine.

  • B

    Im sick of frontal shots…im not here for that…Im here to see phenominal asses…if you wanna keep submitting frontal shots make a girlsinsportsbras site or something (by the way if you use that I want credit)

  • Jtc


  • http://facebook DeShean Weber

    Are you single!? Dam you are hot!

  • riverman


  • Jon


  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    Yea Me Like :)

  • Jeephreak

    Humina humina humina… Now freaking turn around and give us the money shot!

  • Yowza

    that young lady is HOT. nice and thick in all the right places

  • youadot

    from the vest up; she’s smoking

  • John

    Very sexy look. Damn good looking woman there..smoking !!

  • Eric

    I bet that is the tastiest pink taco ever!!!!!!!!!!

  • charlie

    yeah baby girls were grey yoga pants evry time..

  • baldknob

    Mmmmm, g-string and to drooooool! over curves. I am suddenly hungry.

  • http://www.howtolosemanbreast.org Derek


  • Mary

    Not a fan of this one…. not to say she doesn’t have a nice body, but I thought this was a site for nice butts in yoga pants. If I want to see a hideous outfit, I’ll look in the mirror or go to POWM. A resubmit with, ya know, a pic of her doing yoga or something would be nice.

  • Kaz Kat

    I think that this photo although hot as her body may be is on the verge of soft core porn – no offence intended:)

  • Bon

    Are you idiots really complaining about that body. Shes a rocket and probably puts all of your girlfriends and wives to shame haha

  • her next boyfriend

    holy mother of god!!!!! i can die now i have seen an angel! she is pure beauty



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