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  • jafarock

    is that sammie

  • http://naht lolman


  • Kyle.

    Dayummm. She is heavenly looking.

  • mike


  • Sir Mix-a-Lot

    I approve.

  • jimbo jones

    lol @mike saying “meh” … like you actually have a choice faggot…. you probably spent three hours on this website a day jerkin it because thats the closest to sex you will ever come in your entire life…. your right hand is your girlfriend, same goes for all you cockbreathe asspacking faggots

    …owned yet again by the one and only jimbo jones… the bringer of truth and burner of nerds…. i own you faggots you are all nothing but dirt underneath my feet.

  • Brandon

    Pics like this are why I keep coming back for more. Simply beautiful.

  • riverman


  • Johnny

    She’s got it.

  • Nex

    very nice! yum.

  • Douglas

    Who the f says meh to this? That body is pure perfection and you sir are a gay.

  • http://Na Max

    Super hot…i like it even though her waist area between her arm is photoshopped a bit

  • Kathryn

    Fake! Her waist is NOT that small. Photoshopped for sure.

  • El

    Yeah PhotoShopped for sure. This body is hot without it. Why remix the song when the original is a classic.

  • StrokerAce

    I’d hit it, but I wouldn’t gel my hair beforehand.

  • steve from jersey

    jersey is fucking baller you douche

  • Nash

    i wpuld lick her, poke her and then lick her somemore

  • Chria

    Oh my Lord is that a fine body! Wow! Super sexy!

  • Robert


  • http://www.signlanguagephrases.org Derek

    Very hot indeed! I like that butt, even if the waist line is suspect…Why no face – is she a butterface? No!!

  • That Staff Sarge Guy

    I am most definitely inclined to pound that until she screams HOOAH! haha. And then I’d give her five minutes and do it some more.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    i hit that but thats it!

  • Eddie


  • rob

    Nice bum but her stomach has def. been chopped

  • Jason

    She’s sticking her butt out thats why her waist is going in like that, looks perfectly normal to me. Worried about a butterface, but that body is a pure 10!

  • rob

    I can tell you from a web designer standpoint (working with Photoshop probably 6 out of 8 hours a day on work days) that this photo is not photoshopped. there is absolutely no distortion or pixelation on the background fields (ie the treadmill and the wood bench), no physical size abnormality. that has one of the craziest hourglass figures I have ever seen on this site…

  • Douglas

    I agree Rob, no distortion that I can detect. Just a superb hip to waist ratio.

  • the green machine

    idgaf what anyone says she looks hot and i would love to BONE her

  • Jason

    @Rob – Thank you, all these Joe Blows on here like to scream photoshop at every picture, and I know not a single one of them have even used photoshop for 5 minutes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/misstanyav Tanya

    I agree with kathryn, her waist was photoshopped a little. None the less, she has an AMAZING body but from this 3/4th angle, her back looks like it got cut off.

  • Brittney

    Yeah, it’s a nice butt, but if you look in between her arm and back, where the treadmill is, you can see where it’s bent a small bit. She shopped it poorly trying to make herself look a little more sexy, but it just looks fake. I’m sure her body is wonderful without having to do that. Pretty skin complexion too.

  • Fear

    Jimbo jones, seriously dude just shoot yourself in the face your a disgrace the only thing under your feet is shit you pathetic waste of a human.

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