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I’d hit it. Keep going for the high-res pic

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  • assbandito


  • Holly shit

    Unreal. Un-freakin’-real.

  • Jagoff

    She is hot, but I wanna see that ass… Fuck Friday frontal…

  • Luca

    If it is going to Friday Frontal, lets see some boobies at least! She is hot and let see the ass, too!

  • Chase

    An F-ing, F-ing 10!!!! I would be tempeted to sell my soul for her.

  • Dylan

    “I’d hit it.”

    Oh, ya think so, Doctor?

  • booyaksha

    this is why i cannot comprehend homosexuality

  • Hypez

    M.I.L.F in ten years boys.

  • Ben Dover

    Very hot, even with the store bought tits.

  • The Stilt

    that smile makes me weak nin the knees.

  • olskoolsteve

    oh my god, perfection!

  • Diesel

    Damn! I wouldn’t know where to splooge, her face, tits, or box. Lovely :)

  • Anonymous Troll

    Wow, Damn, where can I see more of her?

  • impressed

    WOW! Enough said!!

  • StrokerAce

    Fake orange boobies……but I DON’T GIVE A RAT’S ASS!

    And speaking of ass, turn around baby! :D

  • Dee

    Once they perfect cloning im sooo getting one of these!

  • Someonelol

    This is definitely a pornstar shot.. PLEASE FIND THIS GIRL SOMEONE!!!!

  • Craig


  • jeffm209

    A actually stopped breathing for a sec!

  • Rusty

    I’d bang that like I was trying to knock a dent in the bottom of her brain

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    I wanna sleep inbetween her tits

  • GIYP192

    if she didnt have fake tits and a fake tan she could be a 10.

  • Bun Man

    Fake boobs are freakin’ nasty, guys. C’mon, man, get with the program! They look like freakin’ balloons. I don’t know about you, but I have never looked at a balloon and thought, “Mmmm, I’d like to hit that!”

  • D

    On a scale of 1-10…. yeah, 100.

  • Found her

    I believe her name is Jenna Renee. She’s a fitness model and personal trainer. Her web site is http://www.jennareneefit.com/
    No, her boobs aren’t fake. She’s wearing a push-up bra and yeah, she has a nice ass.

  • AssMane

    I’d be shootin blanks wen im done with her

  • george

    wow this girl is a BABE! whats her name cause i wanna see more of her

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Order-of-the-Jedi/200422080042851 Angel98392

    Beautiful… only one other thing to add… knowledge that she is breeding those great genes of hers and mimicing her parents with her own.

  • loki

    fake boobs, bleached hair and an eating disorder. IQ hovering around the mid 50’s and has had every STD known to science. Oh yeah, thats hot

  • http://www.349finejewelry.com D


    That’s quite an assumption considering you probably don’t know her at all.

  • jack

    Perfection!!! She is hot!!!

  • niles

    Honestly she looks like she’s rolled in doritos.

  • tim

    HAH! At Sandals – probably her honeymoon

  • moe

    who cares if parts are fake? shes got huge tits guys… fuck…

  • Paul McGovern


  • http://thisone joe

    she could put on 10 lbs and be perfect, plus those tits would look a whole lot better if they were real

  • B

    Talk about perfect. Fan-fucking-tastic

  • Brent

    he’s right, it is that girl mentioned bc here’s her clothed wearing the SAME shirt

    Jenna Renee

  • froewarjfoef

    dumb slutty blonde with fake boobs! Just what the world needs more of

  • lalalalala

    @Found Her those boobs are VERY fake, that’s not a push up bra, that’s a bikini top. Idiot.

  • Bananagun

    I wouldn’t last two seconds with that! And then three seconds, and then four seconds and so on and so on?
    Defined as getting your second wind. Who needs Viagra. Ok I’ll stop.

  • fanfreakingtastic

    Her name is Jenna Renee. Phil Labonte from All That Remains used to bang her. Tweet this at him @philthatremains

  • Shan Shan

    I dont get it. If she’s skinny wit average sized breasts she’s starving, but if she’s skinny wit huge fake tits its hot? o_0

  • Joe

    I agree Shan Shan. Funny how you take a skinny chick and inflate her chest and she’s instantly hot? Fake tan, fake tits, fake hair color, bleached teeth, = FAKE attention starved whore.

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