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Girls in yoga pants are great, but girls in yoga pants that can cook and love to get liquored up are the greatest. Say hello to Dannielle Michelle, one of the founders of Sin City Cupcakes alcohol-infused baked goods. Thanks to our friends at Soletron Urban Clothing for finding this tasty treat.


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  • StrokerAce

    She can have a million first names for all I care. Just bring that body over and sit on my lap! :D

  • bunholelover

    a little old and face aint the best but you can tell her vagina would be perfect

  • Bilbo Baggins

    butter face… no way. She looks like a man from the neck up. Nasty.

  • Bootyologist

    wheres the beef?

  • mrcream

    That has man written all over it

  • paul

    great body the face is left to be desired

  • willy


  • truth

    ricky bobby approves

  • cazr

    All still fck her every day nice ass..

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