Random Girl in Yoga Pants


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Someone’s been at the gym. Keep going for a closer look

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  • boner

    plz come and break my dick off plz

  • Ryan koke

    Nice abs Dude!

  • Dave

    Ummm… Ahhh.. Speechless

  • Night Stand

    She just made Good Friday to Great Friday!

  • Capo Flynn


  • janey’s admirer

    OH MY!!!! That is as close to perfection as you will ever see!!!!

  • Jay

    PERFECTION!!! Damn she is flawless!

  • http://Facebook Deshean weber


  • Brandon

    Hot and ripped! Very nice.

  • Jeephreak

    OMFG. Ok. Amazing bod, she’s not looking at the phone while she takes the pic, and her place is clean. Sheer perfection. She’s worked hard on that body and it really shows. Now all she needs to do is turn around and show us how the squats have paid off.

  • kook

    sit on my face.

  • Ray

    PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ allow me to die trying to please and please and pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease you?!?!?!
    AbsoLUTEly and stunningly Perfect!!

  • Michael

    First time commenter. Have to say this girl is as close to perfection as you can get. Crazy body!

  • jimbo jones

    call me old fashioned, but i don’t find this woman attractive at all. if you’re into muscly ripply bodies, you’re pry gay–which is cool, you’re just on the wrong website, since its called GIRLS in yoga pants, not girls-with-the-bodies-of-dudes in yoga pants. plus, even if its feminine, its not sexy.

  • matt

    Nice tits. Bet she used the tcore to get the cut chisseled abs

  • Justahandyman

    @Jeephreak – nailed it!

  • Yowza


  • Nex

    wow…. so… I’m moving to that state. :D

  • riverman

    put on about 5 pounds then come back. next.

  • ritz

    hall of fame for many, many, many reasons

  • drummer

    “I pick things up and put things down”….”aghh, run to da choppa”…”if if bleeds we can kill it”….I’m not into women trying to look like men. Next please.

  • Johnny

    She is a giyp goddess. Awesome.

  • Jay

    Jimbo Jones, you are such a fucking loser

  • Andrew

    Look at me I am almost as fit as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  • BigT

    Work that body and shit strippin pays better then most jobs without a degree lol nice keep it up , work it! :o

  • Mark

    @ Jimbo Jones. Dude, it’s ok. You can come out of the closet.

  • jimbo jones

    of course you faggets would love her because she looks more like a he….. this picture was put here for you fags… just to prove you’re all cockbreathe faggets

  • johnboy

    @Jimbo Jones… We are all really intimidated by you, just wanted you to know that. Mainly we are intimidated by your intellect and your 2nd grade spelling skills. Just remember, if you wish to insult people, make sure what you are calling them is spelled correctly. Otherwise, the joke is on you. FAGGOT!

  • Nash

    i could wake up to that every morning

  • peoplewatcher

    Her hard work has paid off and I’m sure that floats some guys’ boats….but she’s too ripped. I mean what happened to femininity? She could probably kick most of you guys’ asses.

  • BigT

    Jim please take your meds its showing !

  • Kathryn

    Come on now! You guys know those boobs and probably half the rest is fake. She doesn`t even have an ass! I have a body better than her in the front and back and my pix haven`t been posted. If you like fake anorexic strippers who could kick your ass okay here you go. If you like natural big boobs and round ass and curves wait for my pix to be uploaded. :)

  • StrokerAce

    Whether or not she could kick my ass is beside the point: I want to tap hers! WOW! She is in phenomenal shape, so you’re not going to see her in Wal-Mart riding a scooter with her original thighs’ cottage cheese thighs hanging over the sides.

    This gal takes GREAT care of herself, obviously, and you threatened little fags are bothered by this???? Damn, get the fuck out of your beanbags and take a walk or something.

  • dave

    Personally, I find muscular women attractive – more so than squishy ones. I happen to like a woman who can buck so hard I have to hang on tight and hope I can stay in the saddle until the bell rings. But I’m just not all that into bouncing on jello.

  • marto

    wow! all I can say

  • frank

    Thats pretty gross, she looks like a man from the boobs down….

  • ben

    It looks like she has a penis in those yoga pants.

  • Anthony

    Best pic yet

  • Robert Weldon

    Wonder how much she paid for those tits? Or maybe the boyfriend paid for ‘em!

  • Paulo

    Phil told me to say that I like turtles and toilet water. This girls is amazing, I would love to make love to her, beautiful.

  • Marco

    Hurt me muscle woman…hurt me bad please!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    She cool but thats it

  • http://www.ghettoredhot.com shaquinta jones

    batta boom booty!

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com odepahs

    over worked out body :/ i rather choose a more feminine girl to do !

  • http://www.the-spearhead.com John cena

    yup… too manly body. lol it wouuld be like sleeping wth another dude.. LOL !!!

  • Firefighter248

    sure its not a guy? fake boobs and a guys torso……just saying

  • Duardo

    She’s aight.

  • papi

    if i wanna funk a dude, i will go to jail. a bitch should look like a bitch and not like a dude.

  • Scott

    There’s nothing wrong with this girl having a set of nice abs. One of the most attractive parts of a woman is a nice firm, toned stomach. This chick probably has great muscle control, her pussy could probably grab your cock and swing you around and I’d be all for that. This chick is amazing, plain and simple. People who say otherwise have no fucking taste in women and must like flabby squishy fat chioks.

  • lovemyyogapants

    So i just wanted to say a couple of things: one she does have a really nice body. And two: her bra is the Miraculous brand from Victorias Secret that adds two cup sizes. I would know because I’m a chick. Her tits are false advertising. Sorry boys! <3

  • bobby

    I’ve hooked up with a muscular girl before and it kind of creeped me out. WIth that said, this girl is pretty in the face, but the muscles are too masculine for my taste.

  • ben

    Cuddling her would feel like cuddling with a tree trunk.

  • Jason

    WOW, actually have to agree with Jimbo on this one. Tight body and good looking face, but that’s just a little too much ab’s for me. I like a flat stomach, not one full of boulders. Congrats to her on her dedication, just not my type.

  • Eddie

    I honestly do not think she is too ripped, maybe a bit low on the fat percentage, but she is friggin hot! sure she is defined, but I don’t think it’s overdone. If her abs look like this I’d love to see the rest :P

  • Gill

    Fuck those knuckle heads. That girls got it goin’ on; no doubt.

  • Jamie

    I want a body like this! :D

  • http://www.facebook.com umm..yea

    she looks like the girl version on the Situation..lol

  • Rawr FACE

    She needs a cheeseburger or two. That skinniness is sooo unattractive.

  • Dez

    The very FIRST really pretty bodybuilder I’ve seen. Damn she’s fine! Thanks for this add and great job.

  • Bob

    Maybe it is just me, but I don’t have a problem with chicks with abs like this, or chicks who would have to lose 50-60 pounds just to be able to start working on abs like this. I love women. So long as they have a beautiful face with little to no makeup, a decent rack, and everything is fairly well proportioned, I am a happy man. My rule is, I have to be able to pick her up.

    I don’t like Twiggy, the “fashion” model, and I don’t like chicks that you have to roll in flour to find the wet spot, but I do have a wide variety of likes, and have dated on both ends of my spectrum, and married on the upper end.


  • http://girlsinyogapants.com nixon

    we speak your name!

  • http://girlsinyogapants.com amy

    you are alllllllllllllllllllll gaywods

  • amy

    and u know it!

  • amy

    well all you guys anyway1

    go live ur life!

  • Pigpen

    I’ve seen better manufactured parts on a broken microwave. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more vain/insecure woman in my life.

  • jnfjmhjfh

    Boney ass. Looks like Shiva from Mortal Combat. Just needs 2 mote pairs of arms.

  • Again

    Only a Vegan could even hope to get a body this exquisite…

    She’s hot… For a woman.

  • Addam

    Yo i would take the ass whooping she could give me for an hour with her

  • Mike Hooligan Hern

    breakfast lunch and dinner you would make a great fourth meal!

  • giggity

    There might not be a more perfect body on EARTH than this girls body …

  • nappawang

    @jimbo jones…your being really retarded about your verbal shutting…just because she has a toned mid section does not make her look like a man..unless your insecure about something that you must worry about such a thing.

    seriously, she’s toned and incontrol of her body, just fathom how TIGHT that pussy is and all the wonderful things she can do after all those keggels…yum! I bet she taste like honeydew!

  • Cmschoonover

    LOL hatred hate cause she’s more tone than they are
    I happen to think she’s gorgeous, Maybe a little too defined but I be she could go for hourssss…

  • http://girlsinyogapants.com smile

    come to my gym please

  • http://AOL Sammy J

    Wow, a man with tits.

  • http://AOL Sammy J

    How much did her girlfriend pay for those tits?

  • Rob

    ok anyone in this page who hatin on her is a fuckin moron 1st of all if u dont have anyting nice to say then dont say it at all and 2nd she is gorgeous in every aspect a girl who cares enough to work hard for how she looks absolutly beautiful

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