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I wonder if women would consider “You’ve got a body like a stripper” a compliment or not.

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  • john

    too much flash, too bad, she’s hot, i’d like a better look

  • jack

    Holy b000000000000bs

  • Justabytch

    Did you get this off of a friend of a friend of a friends facebook??

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    Nice rack but thats it!

  • NYR36


  • Bob

    She kind of looks like a young Cher in the face, but oterwise, very hot. Oh look! I have $20 with her name on it!


  • Stash

    Bad picture, fake tits. C’mon, yall.

  • frank

    I can’t see any yoga pants here.

  • Devious Psycho

    She’s a butter face for sure. Every things hot butter face. HA!

  • Hedfurst

    Hi there.. I wish these pics had some info to go with them… Of love to chat with these ladies….

  • Capo Flynn

    Why do all these smuts always have messy ass rooms?!! I guess when your to busy slobbin knobs, you don’t have time to clean your room I suppose…

  • Brandon

    good pic bad flash pix.

  • Baguito

    Next time, no flash, please…. :-)

  • Chris


  • mrwhyte

    Mmm what’s not to love.. Rib bones sticking out and an anorexic crack whore physique yummy :)

  • Nash

    i wanna touch

  • Scott

    Flash ruins any potential good pic here and we can’t even see her ass. Is she even in Yoga Pants? Seriously WTF Dude, the site is girlsinyogapants.com, not some chicks rack with a bad flash in a mirror with a dirty ass room.com.

  • Eddie

    lmao, just lmao

  • guythatlikesasses

    it is kinda hard to tell because the tattoo is new to me so it may not be her but I KNOW THAT GIRL. and SHE IS A STRIPPER. if you have ever been to vancouver she works the number 5 orange and her stripper name is chanel champagne.

  • Cmschoonover

    Ew fake boobs, long face, Cher lips, dirty fucking mirror…bad eyebrows….this pic belongs on failblog

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