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  • jack

    What the hell is happening to this site??? Let’s get back to nice petite A$$ and get rid of the nasty fat A$$!!!

  • Be in my movie

    Why the hell would u want to see a small ass!! This site fucki ng rocks mofo!! She’s fawking hot

  • louis

    She is shaped like a coke bottle.

  • mike3452

    come on. Too many fat asses.

  • t.j.

    Too many haters on this site. Go on to http://WWW.noass.net if u want to see backs, this is an ass site. I seen some less than great pics but for the most part this site is” winning”……..some of u crying muthafuckaz is the reason nice booty white girls are in my gym trying to loss that nice ass cuz her man thinks she fat.

  • George Costanza


  • Batman

    I’m going to say this again. Why the fuck does this site over the last month continue to post pics of fat black girls? GET THEM OFF HERE! Who wants to see this site! You re ruining a great thing. NO FAT BLACK CHICKS. Or no black ones at all! gross!

  • Trey

    Fat??? U fuckin fools!!! Im white!!! She’s perfect!!! Flat stomach fat ass. Keep beating ur dick to skinny bitches. Fools. I’d marry this woman

  • Be in my movie

    Kackman your what i like to call gay!! Haha you must like them small men bums!! How can u not like a girl just because she’s black!! Racist prick

  • George Costanza


  • StrokerAce

    She looks kinda cute but that’s just a tad too much ass for me, at least from this angle.

    Of course, if my cock is in it and she’s wriggling, I might be OK with that. ;)

  • shhackled

    I like it cause we get Variety here. I big ass is not a fat ass so long as it is in shape and tight! I like em big or small and round. Both look nice on a good hot bod!

  • jimbo33

    Is the new webmaster of this site Lil fucking Wayne??? Come on…to the rap sites with this!

  • D????

    i wud fuck her raw damn shes sexy

  • D????

    Please Please Please Please Please send in more pics too sexy

  • Mando

    Fuckin racist these girls are fuckin hot … Keep posting hot girls up

  • Kirk

    Would like to show her around DC. Beautiful young woman

  • StrokerQueen

    yuck, revolting

  • Andrew Android

    I liked this pic, except the part with the gorilla =c


    BatMan is a racist, butthole chaser! He likes bleached white bitches only! Fuck him and his Klan tastes!!!! I guess he will get whatever he PAYS for!!!! Faggot!!!

  • thatsmydawg

    I agree with batman. Get them off of here. I hate those big fat nasty jiggly cottage cheese asses

  • Booty man


  • Ass on Ass

    Love It , Fuck the insecure Haters hahaha


    GoogleChrome cannot find noass.net.

  • VendettA

    Me Gusta

  • Ch’booie

    I echo the sentimonies of George Costanza: BATMAN, SCOTT AND OTPIMUS PRIMAL ARE GAY RACIST FAGGOTS

  • BD

    Have you looked at this site’s avatar?
    This site was always about bubble butts, not flat cakes

  • Diesel

    She’s hot, great body!

  • Clive

    Nice one there.

  • Raven

    She is stunning …. how could any one call that beautiful woman fat … this is what i come to this site for

  • @bootyhuntar

    more petite asses?! wtf jack.. are you cereal?!

    Well if u would like petite asses please go to:


    im sure youll find your favorite lady boys with petite asses..

  • http://www.carscale.com B3rnard_Models

    Si me la chingo :P

  • Burt

    This chick is not fat.She’s perfect!!!
    I’ve had all types of women and this girl
    Has a great body.Me likey.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    @ T.J. i agree bro! on her she hot fine ass there!

  • White.nosed

    I would fucking smash the shit outta that. But I’m white and like rap, and big fine asses.

  • Booyah

    Nassssssssssssty Fat ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! No thanks, man! I WOULD kick it out of bed!

  • TittesRule

    The person that runs this site should really pay attention to the racial over tones from some of these users… This is ridiculous, why can’t beautiful women of all races be displayed here…..? Be a racists around your way but not on this site. This site is for everyone…

  • steve

    can’t we all just get along?

  • El

    Cut meya piece.

  • Optimus Primal

    NO MORE MONKEY FAT ASSES. This shit is nasty.

  • Riley Martin

    How can anyone call a girl with a waist like that fat?

  • http://www.girlsinyogapants.com Demetru Van Coy

    Big boobs & butt without gut is a plus . Please stop the racist terms . You would not like it if a non – white person post ” white thrash ” or ” meatless cracker ” over and over . Even when their face resemble exquiste diamonds and their boobs are huge .

  • hardymardy

    i really dont find myself into black girls but lighter skinned black girls like this one i would make an exception for
    id like to see a back angle cuz i bet that ass is fat thoooo!!!

  • Robert

    Different strokes for different folks. I’m fuckin’ down with this!

  • I am hiM


  • schwerpunkt


  • TheDeathOfYou

    Ok Optimus Primal , you think you’re smart for posting that racist comment? First of all, the reason everyone loves GIYP is because of beautiful round asses. Last time I checked, your mom’s ass looked worse than a ‘monkey’s fat ass’…Hell it looked worse than a bleached tranny ass…She’s beautiful, and all you racist fucks can go suck Alehandro’s dick or whatever your boyfriend’s name is and ask him to wear yoga pants for you. Now take your homosexual tranny asses back where they came from, and don’t come back to GIYP…go look for MIYP ( men in yoga pants) better yet WMIYP…

  • http://bigbutt mclean

    I love doz big butt en small waist i can fuck her d whole day, damm

  • realdealcion

    Bad ass hell..that’s a real body

  • larry

    thats a dream come true body

  • Slimbo

    Man u white cats trip me out u rather see a skinny no ass fuck y’all crackers

  • http://live lobo

    Dudes that like skinny girls only like them cuz when their tiny lil dick is between them emaciated thighs, it looks just a lil bit bigger. Y’all mofos are sad, grow a dick and stop ripping on the full figurede girls, y;all ain’t got no clue what a real woman is.

  • http://N/a Lulu

    I’m mixed with a nice ass and breasts but she’s way too big. Gross. After one baby she’s gunna be a whale.

  • http://Aol Buddy Roe

    Where are her tits?

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