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Friday Frontal’s are great, but we all love to know what’s going on out back. Thankfully, this generous gym babe provided us with pictures of both and we’re happy she did. If you like what you see, make the jump for the enlarged versions and let her know what you think in the comments..


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  • http://twitter.com/EricTheActor Eric Lynch

    I would enjoy a shot of the lunch meat tramp stamp please…

    Screw you Billy Bob, she’s not fat!

  • http://www.first.com first


    Yeah I’m always first bitch

    Nice… I give this an A+ for effort.

    Nice shot, cute half face, slim waist, big tits, tight ass, pink asshole.

    Great angles. Props to this girl for knowing what guys like and giving it to us. Now we can properly jerk off our tiny dicks to this ass because we have all the necessary elements to do so.

    Only thing I would tell her is that keep on working on those squats for a year or two and then you’ll have a little more meat and more bubbly ass. Besides that, it’s perfect.

    As your unofficial GIYP Quality Control Director and the best in the world, I give this my sweet tiny pink asshole mushroom stamp of:


    To Eric Lynch, don’t bother with my disciple Faggy Bob. He passes judgement to these hot girls like he has good taste… but at home he has one fat ugly saggy wrinkly aging “wife” that won’t get his tiny dick even a chubby. But don’t bother him too much as he has nothing to live for other than come to this site and try to be funny when he’s not, besides he’s one of my top dicsiples.

  • Neal

    I like the rear view shot better.

  • DougieLittleHand

    Why does she have to cover her face. I want to imagine cumming on her tits, ass and face.

  • MakingHypocritesOutOfFreaks

    And our favorite autistic meatbag strikes again. Seriously, it can’t be that hard to respect others’ opinions rather than acting all “superior” and thinking you’re the only one, who’s right here. It’s a reason it’s called “For the big booty lovers” and not “This is a big booty and you MUST love it!”.

    Fight your burden! Don’t let it consume you!

  • The Last Universalist

    Front AND back views. Good thinking.

    And while she’s not OMG-hot, she’s not at all bad looking.

  • Billy Bob

    Wow she’s hot! Big tits, flat tone stomach, tan body, a lil on the trashy side with her hair n tat. I give her a trailer park 8 on my crank-o-meter.

  • Billy Bob

    It’s nice to be talked about even before I post. I can just feel the love in here today! No thank you Eric I got plenty from my wife last night. Try asking first he all alone in this great big world. You guy would make a cute couple. He is the best in the world at being a pole smoking, male ass jockey.

  • StrokerAce

    Nice! I wanna hit that! ;)

  • mordred

    @first: apparently your definition of big is medium. those are medium sized tits, i’d say about 38C. also a woman does not have to workout to meet your standards (unless they are inlove with you and will do anything to get with you but i SSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTRRRRRRRROOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYY doubt that ever happened and never will happen). glad to see i’m not one of your disciples, mostly because i am better at women then you will ever be (i also know nearly every part of the vagina just because i was good and found a very good game). you will be ashamed because i know more about how to sensually touch a woman.

    i would love to see more of her and see those tits of her’s also see that pretty face and spank that ass til it’s nice and red

  • tommyboy

    This booty is far from big it is a perfect ass in yoga pants lookin good keep wearing them damn thanks for the shots nice tight ass

  • Billy Bob

    @makinghypocritesoutoffreaks that’s all I’m saying. He has no other contact with real people (other than his mom n I won’t go into that like he does) so he acts out here where he THINKS he is all powerful. He can’t control his shits much less anybody here. He talks a lot about touching other men’s dicks. That’s a cry for help if I’ve ever heard of one. Sad, so very sad. BAHAHAHA

  • Meatballs

    You guys all talk like you’ve got hotter chicks in your life. If this was the case you all wouldn’t be checking her out and leaving all these stupid comments she’s fucken hot and none of you would know what to do with her

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