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This chick is pretty hot, but I don’t know about that whole situation going on with her hair. Leave your thoughts on the comments..

UPDATE: I was just informed this lady is a stripper. I’ll take this opportunity to say – Ladies, we got your back! If you’re out there working your magic on the poles, and want to promote your name a little bit, just send a pic in yoga pants our way and we’ll link to your website, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, whatever you got! We loooove strippers! Unfortunately they usually don’t like us — I guess bartering the price of lapdances is frowned upon.

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  • http://www.zazzle.com/djskagnetti* jackskagnetti

    Just put a bag over her hair. The rest is very nice!

  • Dave

    Your commenting on her hair?. How about this… She is perfect.

  • Scooby

    What hair?

  • Rob Gribben

    This girl is a pornstar, Amia Miley.

  • http://giyp Jon

    She has hair?

  • yessir

    Where’s the lady butt? Jimbo is such a faggot

  • adellico

    That is porn star Amia Miley.

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    id smash…twice!

  • PppP

    Where is she dancing? I’m feeling like helping a girl to rise money for College …

  • jfrankparnell

    does the carpet match teh drapes?

  • BigT

    What she is hot hair and all flows with the bra :)

  • Chris

    Real sexy. Very nice rack.

  • http://www.facebook.com/the1mrb Marcus

    Lol@ People on the interweb talking shit about other’s looks. She looks great!

  • Johnny

    She could dance on my pole anytime

  • Burris

    not bad…. jimbo wishes she had a dick tho.

  • Big Daddy

    God Damn!!! Big Daddy likes!!!!

  • tharic

    who cares about the hair?

  • Billy

    Love her! Ain’t nothing wrong with the hair either!

  • hudson


  • hudson

    i think you are cute

  • Brandon

    A agree she is very hot. Hair or not. Lol and jimbo is a closet homo.

  • jimbo jones

    brandon burris and yessir. My three hoes. You better not be posting during business hours and let me find out. Now get back on your corner and find some dicks to suck on and make my money fags.

  • Johnny

    With a body like that, she can do her hair however she wants.

  • johnboy

    @ Jimbo, is that really you in that pic? If so, you have no right going around calling us fags when you have a pigtail trifecta going on there. Did you let your slutty 5 year old daughter do that hair or what? If she did, then her retardation comes naturally since you carry the dominant retard gene. Go play in traffic, sir. Have a nice day :)

  • StrokerAce

    Porn star? Stripper? OK, she has the bod for it, and that ass of hers needs a cock in it. How about mine? :D

  • t.j.

    Yep!…..porn star but still ba.d

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.gouff Andrew

    Porn star, stripper…who cares? Either way we AAAALLL know we’d lay her ‘cross the hood of a car and pound the shit out of her. Don’t even deny it. Well except jimbo, since she a. doesn’t have a dick and b. has a pulse.

  • Robert Weldon

    Damn!! Wishing she was sitting on my face…all day long! Wouldn’t even come up for air or meals!

  • Marco

    People actually complained about her hair? Morons. She’s hot…way hot. And even better that she’s a pole swingin’ entertainer.

  • Baguito

    here here on the UPDATE :)

  • Eddie

    This woman is gorgeous, I bet you would all kick her out of bed on account of her hair, riiiiiight!

  • http://girlsinyogapants.com nixon

    yep awsome

  • Pigpen

    Love her hair, love her from the bellybutton down. But fake tits are the sign of a fake personality. Chicks this vain and insecure have much more to worry about than pink hair. Next.

  • http://www.motionsicknessmedication.net/ Derek

    I have no problem with her hair, I would still pull it while I’m bangin’ her like an old screen door…boom!

  • http://magicfish.net frenky
  • Schlong-so-long

    like to get in there & eat her like chicken wings.

  • fiz

    She’s wicked hot, too bad she’s a pos stripper….that just ruins it, but it’s nice to look at.

  • giypfan

    As as chick….I WANT TO KNOW WHAT WORKOUT STRIPPERS DO! Guess I’ll have to take some pole-dancing classes and see if it can get my abs that toned without getting rid of my boobs…..though maybe they’re fake :S

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