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Keep going for the high-res pic of this hottie in her sports bra and yoga pants


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  • NIGHTHawk


  • Mike

    Claudia Sampedro is not boring lol.. but yea lets get some crazy asses in here

  • Tom

    Claudia Sampedro is not boring lol.. but yea lets get some crazy asses in here

  • dan

    i want milk

  • Chazz

    If that’s boring, you’re a fag.

  • Ben Dover

    I’m not a fan of fake tits but her tummy looks good.

  • Gnar Shred

    you guys are crazed, she tough

  • Rickster

    Fake or not I like playing with fun bags! The waist to ass ratio appears to be quite promising also ;-)

  • StrokerAce

    Chazz said: “If that’s boring, you’re a fag.”

    Fuck yeah, I agree with that! I could never get bored tapping those sweet tits! :D

  • mike


  • Ch’booie

    I’m not a fan of big fake tits either. They’re kind of gross and… *shudder*

    But she still has an amazing body and gorgeous skin and I would…. Ah jeez, I’m already running out of ideas.

  • Madmonkey

    Your a fag if you don’t like that chest!!! Period

    Her rack is absolutely perfect!!!

  • cazr23

    Let’s due it baby ….n

  • cazr23

    Let’s due it baby ….

  • thekidddd

    nike Just do it.

  • steely75

    Fake or not, I wouldn’t mind having my face between ‘em!

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