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This is quite possibly the greatest Friday Frontal submission we’ve ever received.. Scroll down for the high res shot!

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  • reggie

    I want to tittyfuck her!

  • anon

    Your body should be illegal. You should be forced to cover up in public. Its not fair to other women to see you in yoga pants showing off like that. You should be punished for this. Proper punishment means you need a really brutal workout. Work yourself to near exhaustion in one of those super competitive yoga classes. Then call up your man and tell him what you did and later let him **ck you hard until all those beautiful muscles and healthy bones that you love to show-off are overwhelmed and you lose yourself and explode with pleasure.

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Ass sniffer

    No it’s not fag. Try the Inez sainz frontal showing camel toe you won’t post. This website is becoming FAIL

  • Gordon


  • Dickhead

    That Ikea lamp is the fucking worst. Won’t even stand up. God damnit do I hate ikea.

  • Dickhead

    Also, dinner plates. Fuck her.

  • paul

    the fuck factor is very high with this woman

  • luke


  • luke

    get her a sandwich. Chest bones showing, no muscle.

  • Dick

    This bitch definitely needs to eat some fuckin food.. No ass… Good job giyp

  • WACO

    Waist up I’m diggin her (cept for thos chest bones), but waste down…-shivers- no thanks. Looks like a concentration camp survivor, no thighs, no calves, no curves. Can you say CHICKEN LEGS?! Drink a glass of milk girl

  • Chun

    No Want!

  • StrokerAce

    If she needs food, I got the protein-filled salami stick she can consume. ;)

    Is this the Tetris pants chick? Go search for “COOLEST YOGA PANTS EVER” from February 2012.

  • Tok

    Holy sh!t indeed!!! Just in time to get you in the halloween spirit. She looks worse than an anorexic african woman.

  • asslicker

    i think the time people liking skin and bones with fake tits is over people want some meat at least a little i have to say i wouldn’t lick her ass she gets my lowest grade ever 5 thumbs up

  • Skeet

    WAYYYY too skinny. She looks anorexic

  • Goosepher

    Best ever? no dice

  • dude

    Pretty sure that is Nessa Devil. Who can look incredible in one shot and skin and bone in the next.

  • Scooter Doo

    Weaksauce. This photo is shithouse. Go eat a sammich trick

  • Fernando

    I am blaming fashion designers for this shit. Women look at those runaway shows and they are probably thinking “OMG! She looks so hot! Look at those bones! What a tight body!”. Why are a bunch of faggots telling us what type of body a woman should have in order to be attractive? Get this through your thick and skinny skull, WE LIKE CURVES AND MEAT. But WE DON’T LIKE COWS, so that is not an excuse to be a phatass. I don’t know why some men dig this kind of skinny women, they must have some unresolved mental issues, I don’t know.

  • http://AOL buddy roe


  • http://AOL buddy roe

    She was put on this earth for one purpose. To assist men in achieving orgasm!!!!

    This is why women deserved to be raped for wearing stuff like that!!!

  • loki

    put on a bra you fat cow!!!

  • Fred

    That bed would look messed like that all the time, in fact, I’m not sure she would have even had time to put on her clothes to take this pic!

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