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Say hello (again) to @ClaudiaSampedro. She’s been featured on here before and looks very healthy and fit. Oh yeah, and smokin’ hot. Keep going for the high res pic


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  • harvey haversham

    absolutely smokin’…

  • Mike


  • Chase

    She favors Angelina Jolie! I feel like I have gone to heaven! Please marry me! Hottest girl ever posted on GIYP!

  • Soccermonkey

    She’s more “Jessica Alba ” in the face. Fake boobs. Need to see that ass. Rockin Bod!!!

  • Optimus Primal

    This chick is smoking, not as hot as Hula hoop girl, but hot nonetheless

  • evildust

    *just do it… hmmm… OK!!!

  • El

    Mag fuckn nifi cent

  • PantyRade


  • Dan

    This is Claudia Sampedro… Stop taking credit for this whoever posted it

  • David

    This is Claudia Sampedro… Stop taking credit for this whoever posted it

  • http://turdfergusonblog.com Turd Ferguson

    Her name is Claudia Sampedro, she used to date Reggie Bush. She might be one of the hottest girls ever… period.

  • Big P


    Amazingly hot! The things I’d do to this woman!



  • jack


  • B.J.

    Smoking…. reminds me of a younger Tia Carerra

  • cazr23

    Take it off baby

  • Billy

    Abso-smokingly hot! Bless her tight body!

  • LongCockSilver


  • messypants

    If you married her in two yrs she wouldn’t look like that anymore. Keep her as a mistress

  • Gator1794

    That’s hott…….I’d snack on that all day

  • Reginald

    Boy why do y’all keep dreaming that you can get a girls like this

  • Jonny

    I love this picture:)

  • StrokerAce

    I’m dry humping my chair right now. Between her and the Hula Hoop Hottie, I may never be flaccid again! :D

  • AK74

    Looks good from the front, but would prefer to see the backside.

  • blueollie

    I normally don’t like front shots. But I love this one; I’d love it if I could help her take off her panties.

  • TNA

    This girl > Kim K

  • Matt

    mmmmm… Nuff Said.

  • theo

    Someone better wife her up and treat this lady realllll good good

  • MaNuLaToR

    lol i love how everyone knows everything (“fake tits”) fucking retards

  • jaylen mills


  • Lokioglovethedoubled

    I mean seriously…this truly is thee picture of perfection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing more need be said…besides ENJOY!!!

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