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Any regular visitor of this site knows how obsessed I am with the lovely Claudia here. She is possibly my personal favorite girl in yoga pants. Keep going for the high-res version of this pic


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  • joe

    Clean out your sink, you nasty skank! Oh, and stop using GIYP to try and build up your self-esteem.

  • cazr

    I wanna fck you girl you look hot and good..

  • diggler

    Wow Joe, ur a real douche bag. She’s hot, ur a fag.

  • Magic

    Joe your a Clown; no one has a soap dispenser like that @ home genius…..Lmao, Do yourself a favor & just enjoy those beautiful bombs she is showing off!!!

  • jack


  • StrokerAce

    We all like Claudia Sampedro, too…except for homosexual boys like joe. Joe prefers “Claude Sampedro.”

  • tom

    What are you talking about Magic? I have soap dispensers like that AND stalls like that in my bathroom lol Not a fan of fake boobs but looks good!

  • shawn

    I’d skip the formalities and ask her to marry me XD

  • mooose

    fat cow.

  • henri

    im sick of this chick and who cares about friday full frontal, unless there’s camel toe show me some ass

  • Tim

    Wow, the guy looking at GIYP is complaining about the girl who puts her pics on that said site? Some people are really, really dumb.

  • Creep

    looks like if she took that sports bra off her titties would hit her toe nails.

  • http://aol Buddy Roe


  • loki

    fake boobs, and…. so what??? heres a cookie SKANK!!!! and your’re still a brainless twit!!!

  • Fred

    Blech. Who cares about fake tits. Back to the booties.

  • Alexander vega

    Yeah she’s a model but this hoe does nothing for the community or herself why give praise to someone who just shows her tits and body all day? Come on people

  • Jusnotrite

    I’d put it between ‘em…

  • YogaPantGirlsAssLover

    I wanna find and Fuck the girl!

  • tris

    Love you

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