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Ahh Claudia, another woman that would get me landed on Mugshot Row for all the horrible things I would do. Check out all of her pics ever featured on our site here: Claudia Sampedro



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  • hell elb

    id definitely masturbate to her

  • StrokerAce

    I love her and would happily tap her ass any night she wanted. ;)

  • Joe

    Ooooooh, look at me, i had low self esteem and spend five grand on fake boobs so i can feel better about myself and post pics online for people to look at. Sad.

  • cazr

    All fck her all nites evryday to if she whant to and plus cum inside her psy..

  • mrwhyte

    I don’t see the fake tits Joe. They aren’t huge at all only buffed up by a sports bra. So maybe look a little closer.. Nice athletic body, but no ass.. It falls flat fast so pls remove the tag “big booty”… Also Joe you sound like someone with poor self esteem so you have to leave msgs online complaining about other ppl who are most likely more successful than you’ll ever be. Course what do I know? :)

  • butts

    @mrwhyte. I agree that tag “big booty” is inappropriate. Big booty belongs on a ghetto butt or a fat ass. Claudia doe not have that kind of ass, but she has an ass. Hers is exactly what an ass SHOULD be. Very developed, very strong, very fit. Everything about this woman (and her kick ass body) screams sex appeal. Maybe you prefer ghetto booty or fat ass chicks. Do you also like your gf to collapse from exhaustion after 5 minutes of sex? Claudia could not only f**k you five ways to sunday all night long, she could kick your ass, your gf’s ass, and look hot as hell doing it. She wouldn’t though cause its not ladylike, even though you clearly deserve it. This woman is a PARADIGM of human evolution and her amazing ass is just one piece of it!

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