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Say hello to the lovely Claudia Sampedro. You can follow her on Twitter at @claudiasampedro.



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  • El

    Mag dam nificent

  • giggityzz

    damn latino girls are soooo sexy! she needs a spanking

  • StrokerAce

    The duckface needs to go unless she would rather plant those lips on my throbbing member. ;)

    But I’d also be satisfied if she and Maria Saldana would wrestle in some chocolate pudding. Or Jello. What do you guys think of that idea? Should we suggest this to these fine ladies?

  • Hed Furst

    Her ass isnt so big but she is so freggin beautiful, who cares…!!!

  • Billy


  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99


  • Diesel

    She needs a shot of vitamin D

  • jack


  • Smoke Blunts

    id stick my head between there and motorboat.

  • Nash


  • Johny Cash

    I love this planet :)


    …lemme see her momma…!

  • Damn

    Looks like a dude, why is she crossing her legs like that maybe covering up something

  • Conan

    If this is a dude than I’m a homo. Duck face or not, those lips –> my dick, my tongue –> her asshole.

  • johnny Bond

    Man thats a good lookin girl!!

  • DWane

    Hell yeah!!!!!

  • Ed O’Neill

    Search her, there’s way better pics than this one. This chick is unreal. Funny, she dates Reggie Bush now who used to date Khardashian who’s right above her. Definite upgrade, Khardashian’s ass is ridiculous and out of proportion.

  • El

    @strokerace that’s a great idea just change that color from chocolate. Something about syrup and pudding on women makes it look like they have a shit fetish thing going. Put em in vanilla or some cool whip and its a wrap.

  • El

    That jello works too.

  • Damn

    Sorry my mistake she just looks like a dude in that pic , I googled her and she is fuckin hott

  • eddie

    She’s got a great shape and curves, 9/10

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