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Due to her lack of response, I have to assume that Candace isn’t interested in marrying me. That’s okay, I’ll just continue to Google search pictures of her in her underwear while dipping my balls in to a vat of warm Nutella. Too much information? I think not. Keep going to see the high res version of Ms Bailey spreading her legs..

(Click the image to see the high res version)

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  • http://AOL Sammy J.

    What’s the big deal? What a boney ass bitch! FAIL!

  • paul

    nice camel toe would not mind putting my face into that

  • buttman

    tacos at the Y

  • http://twitter.com/EricTheActor Eric Lynch

    I was thinking more like pink taco myself…

  • StrokerAce

    Dinner is served! :D

  • Dave

    Insert arm here!!!

  • http://urbzgaming.com Urbz Gaming

    Sara Underwood please…

  • Me


  • anon

    Candace ignore the haters. you are fine, babe. Be healthy, eat healthy, lots of raw fruit and veggies, continue to work out. You got it babe! You are the spiit ing image of healthy white girl chic in this fitspo era, and you are one of a few that deserves recogni tion on this page. Now having said that, you prob could stand to add a few more pounds of muscle to that otherwise

  • claudia

    man, you guys are harsh. I sent in my pics, but now i am kind of scared that i did. I thought this is a place to celebrate women’s beautiful bodies in every form. Some guys like ghetto booty, and some guys like tight and high. Still, don’t scare away the bunnies. You act as if you’ve got anything comparable to these ladies on your arm.

  • buttlover

    Candace, I couldn’t agree more with Anon. Don’t let the haters on here stop you from sharing pictures of yourself on here. Not every girl on here has to be thick with big boobs and a ghetto booty. Variety is good. You are very pretty and your thin body has its own sex appeal. In addition to your ‘light-weight’ body, you would be a ton of fun to handle in bed ;op

  • hans

    I can’t believe some of the negative comments that are written on here. These are real girls, not some photoshopped fakes. Celebrate their beauty, or keep your mouth shut. Why would other babes submit their photos if some fat guy eating cheetos in his mother’s basement is gonna cut them down.

  • http://news.witkh.us Witkh13

    Assuming anything is what I avoid at all costs. You know the slang definition of ‘assume’…

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