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  • StrokerAce

    Those nipples need to be suckled. I volunteer. :D

  • Joe


  • George Costanza

    please stop posting pictures of black girls.

  • JD

    She got a rap video body

  • Jerry Seinfeld

    @George Costanza Don’t be a baby!

  • George Costanza

    Ok Jerry, lets go to the coffee shop and chit chat about our virginity.

  • Fuckugeorge

    If you don’t like ‘black’ girls (pretty light skin for a black girl) don’t comment on their pics D-bag

  • big man

    I would love to suck those hard nipples

  • GeorgeCostanzaFucksLilBoys

    My name says it all. Go eat a d*ck George!!!!!

  • Yoga pants fan

    God Damn! (thud). Fainted.

  • Yoga pants fan

    Think it’s shopped though. Look at the shape of the door or wall she is standing in front of.

  • Fuckgeorgecontanza

    @george quit being a bitch

  • hitman

    best ever

  • Meh

    Yaaa those look like sweats, not yoga pants. Probly b alot better if they were yoga pants tho…

  • Co-Dependent


  • iwouldeatthat

    she looks delicious… so juicy and tender… mmm… tasty

  • loki


  • c-love

    She is simply hot. Question, are those yoga pants or sweat pants?

  • steve tasker



    This website has hit a brick wall. Time to find something new, that posts pictures of GIRLS IN YOGA PANTS.
    Not gangsta ho’s.
    I’m tired of coming here to see some nice ass, and getting pictures of fat-assed blacks in my face.


  • Wa-diddy

    And you call yourself “ass master”? You need to change your name to “flat-ass master”, since seeing legitimate curvy ass offends you so much. Dude, U on some ole fail sh!t

  • fastbreak

    The lady’s stacked and that’s a fact, ain’t holding nothing back.

  • http://girlsinyogapants.com nef

    I want to marry this booty!!!

  • bootylov

    George is a virgin !!!! Lovely ladies come in all colors. I would love to see the shit he likes…lmao

  • Yes

    The pic would be better If she had yoga pants on lol but Damn her body is right

  • YoungGun

    Something looks off with this picture. Her tits and upper body looks shit hot, but her ass and thighs don’t seem to match the rest at all. I want to say it’s Photochopped. If not she still looks like a lot of fun.

  • George Costanza

    @ASS MASTER thats right my white brother! us crackers have to stick together and demand GIYP deliver flat ass white chicks in yoga pants so we can get our freak on!!

  • Jimbostro

    I’m out!!!! (Kramer – masterbation contest)

  • joe

    Boobs are prolly fake… face looks like it’s ugly as sin…. and um, SWEAT PANTS? Really? WTF?


    Pleeeease keep posting pics of black girls. I dont think this girl is black though. She looks asian or hispanic.

  • The Last Universalist

    Hot. Very hot.


    I’m not saying I prefer flat’ ass, you fucking idiots. I’m saying that I’d rather not see some black pig’s DUMPSTER ass poured into a pair of Big Lots, dollar rack….what the fuck are those things? They look like they’re 2 inches thick!
    I’ll be this first to admit, I’ve seen some pretty hot black ass. Granted, she usually is the production of a white mother and black father, but none the less. Is it too much to ask to have pictures of nice asses posted here? I just don’t get down on gorilla.
    So, “Wa-Diddy” – U GONZA B ABLE TWO DEALZ WIT YO???

  • cazr

    She needs to get fck evry single day of life dam she good she turn me on..

  • steve tasker

    ass master prefers his women wearing a white hood and tatted up with swastikas

  • ricknick

    More Puerto Rican trash…*YAWN*

  • mordred

    George Costanza: i agree. we need more white giyp

  • Wa-diddy

    flat-azz master, u a bitch. I see you every day and u got nothin to say. But then u decend to ur dungeon computer and spit out venom cause thats what u’ve been reduced to. Your keyboard reeks of piss, duke. Phat ass fans come on this site to appreciate nice curves, of all ethnicities, but puzzies like u get all swole up cause the hoes you roll with don’t measure up to the sexy sista’s u wish u could get wit. You done, son!

  • http://Giyp ASS KING

    Any man that doesn’t like that woman no matter the color
    is a FAG!!!! Just mad you can’t please a real woman with your Lil Dick!!! This girl is a 10 + off the charts l Luv you girl post more!!

  • M.S. in Bootyology

    WOW@!E!!!!!!@@@ WTF!!! I think I found my wife. I need to get inside that ass IMMEDIATELY. To all the douches that don’t like a chik that looks like this, I have one question: Are you gay? Seriously. Spend a few minutes to think about it. Its ok if you are, no1 will hate you, but coming on here saying this girl is nasty? Dude… seriously… spend a few minutes. Maybe its time to come out. This has been a public service announcement by a concerned white guy who questions how any heterosexual man cannot get an instant erection after seeing something like this. Thank you.

  • sleazyduck

    Nice boobs.
    Shopped, stop feeding that seinfeld troll.
    Distinct lack of yogapants but still eyecandy

  • Orange

    I’m white but I love These black girls with biiiiggg boootys

  • robert allen

    I would love to give her a rimjob as long as she likes!!! I would like to stick in her asshole all the way up to my balls!!! K-Y and condom invited!!!

  • Jusnotrite

    The ONLY way this pic could be better is if this chick were in a thong…only

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