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On a side note, congratulations to those of you whose comments on our pictures made it to AwkwardMessages.com recently.

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  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Russelthelovemuscle

    First!!! First I’m one of your disciple’s and wacking my tiny little cock!!

  • StrokerAce

    I’d like to see that booty from the back, too. ;)

  • DougieLittleHand

    Absolutely amazing. She gots nice fat ass. Would love to spank her while I spank my monkey

  • Billy Bob

    Got a big ol ass on her. Not much you can see of her frontal. She does have a nice face and a pretty smile. I give her a 6.5 on my crank-o-meter


    You Americans are whack! Keep eating your KFC and play with your guns. It’s a whole nation of retards…

  • http://www.first.com first


    Yeah I’m always first bitch.

    Now this is what I’m talking about. Such a hot attention whore. I see this kind of ass everyday at the gym. They can’t get enough of guys looking at them.

    Nice face, beautiful tits, slim waist, round bubbly ass and pink asshole. Stinky and sweaty by the way, after a long workout. Must be smelly down there but I would still rub a slice of bread on her asshole and eat the bread with some butter.

    Russel, you have been accepted as one of my disciples. Doors are opened for my children that love me and trust me such as George Constanza, Kyle, Buttslammer, the last faggyversalist, Faggy Bob and his other username fagmordred, and many more. Don’t worry I am a loving leader and the best in the world.

    Haha look at my post on another website. And look at Faggy Bob being such a fag over there talking to himself fagmordred. Sad. Don’t worry Faggy Bob my ego is big enough to know you’ve accepted you are my little bitch and that I’m clearly in charge.

    Maybe in the future I’ll give you some humor classes so that your jokes can actually be funny and not something a 3rd grader would say. Your tiny dick is taking over with your rage, you need to learn to control it.

    Anyway, to most important matters, as your unofficial GIYP Quality Control Director, your loving and respected leader, and the best in the world, I give this ass my sweet tiny attention whore mushroom stamp of:


    To this girl, we need some ass shots!

    To my children, you have my blessing to put this ass on your jerk off with tiny dick file but wait to jerk off your tiny dicks to it until she sends some ass shots.

  • mordred

    @first: i am not your disciple. YOU are MY disciple bitch……i know everything there is to know about bdsm and nearly every part of a vagina and how to touch a woman. i usurp you and will prove that i much better then you: the back of a pussy is called the cervix (which i love to finger a girl so rough that i hit it and she feels the pleasurable pain) and bdsm stands for bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism, and masochism. now go fuck yourself and die you fucking motherfucker. i say again will never be your disciple because i am my own person and never will subcome to popular media for as long as stupidity runs rampant. last you are an idiot to think someone cares about what you say. NEVER call me a faq nor “your disciple” because i am as always better then you. now go my child and learn the difference between a small dick and a small dick that is called a grower.

    she would be sexier with cum on her ass and her tits and ass an angry red and have a ball-gag in her mouth and bound to a table >:)

  • MakingHypocritesOutOfFreaks

    The only “disciples” that look up to the likes of you are those in your little imaginary world, you worthless piece of trash.

    No wonder that financial crisis exsists when our taxmoney goes to autistic fucks like you. Like I told you (but obviously, you still keep on denying the truth), don’t let your burden consume you. Fight it, for fuck sake!

  • Big D

    First, you are an extremely irritating cancer, you have to much nothing to say. Shut the fuck up and say you like the pic or not, multiple paragraphs aren’t needed. No ones your disciple shut the fuck up. I hope you and I bump into eachother one day so I can fuck you in the ass and give you HIV. Have a nice day.

    Yours in friendship,
    Big D

  • The Last Universalist

    Not bad at all.

    Like to a see a pic from behind, for sure.

  • mordred

    @universalist: same here and a side shot

  • Billy Bob

    @first HEY FUCKTARD, as you can plainly see I’m not mordred. The people here are tired of you long boring repetitive drawn out bla bla bla bullshit and all of your made up usernames. Notice how you NEVER deny it, you cum gargling twat! The people here just keep getting bigger and bigger that want you to shut the fuck up, you incredible CUM STAIN! You are a complete loser, a total waste of a human being, and the only director you are in charge of is your mom/boyfriend and how far it sticks a dick in your ass! Which at this point in your life has got to be BALLS DEEP! Now be a good lil boy and go play with your Barbie’s. Have a great weekend!

  • Me

    @first…you can collect your tampons and leave now. @Billy Bob is your master, you lame fuck.

  • Billy Bob

    @first FUCKTARD (same thing) I was just on Awkward messages and nobody there likes you either, dumbass. Everybody there bitch slapped you. It was fucking hilarious. Good times, good times. So now that more and more people are seeing how truly fucking stupid you really are why don’t you just stop, you lil tick turd!

  • bootyologist

    seriously, why do i never get girls like this in my gym. fukin annoying. all i have is a bunch of boring ass skinny stick figures running around.

  • BBC dude

    My top 3 Yoga Girl of all time. Just freaking GORGEOUS. Still SMH.. WOW

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