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  • pete

    Looks like a Target advertisement

  • eddie


  • StrokerAce

    I’d love to get her on a beach and rub cocoa butter all over her. And yes, I mean MY “cocoa butter.” ;)

  • jack

    Very hot!!! If I were on that beach I would be in hot water with the wife. Would be impossible not to stare at her assets!!!

  • Stratman

    Victorias secret catalog. Too easy

  • Scott

    Amazing, now you’re stealing pics from the victoria secret website. Wow, way to go loser.

  • jack

    There are several girls posted on this site that came off other websites why is it so taboo to post a Victoria Secret model. Who cares she has great assets that’s all that matters.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    She hot but i just want to see back shots! more of her please!

  • Fizzle


    Because what makes this site good is seeing randoms/unknowns with sweet asses. I can see Allesandra Ambrosio a billion other places on the Internet, and find them easily too. Random ass shot of some chick in line at a Jamba Juice? Not so much.

  • Aaron

    That would be Alessandra Ambrosio :)

  • Spencer


  • http://facebook heath

    It’s scary that yall knew that off hand. Why yall looking thru Victoria secret??

  • StrokerAce

    Aaron, thanks for the name. A Google image search just revealed a photo of her at a Halloween party dressed as a Playboy bunny.

    I will be busy spanking the monkey today. Oh yes.

  • Jim

    @heath The real question is why are you NOT looking through the Victoria’s Secret catalog? As horny men it is our right…..NO! our responsibility to seek out tasty women in all possible ways.

  • jack

    @ Fizzle, I agree with you on posting random a@@. It gets tiring seeing the posts the ones you can look up on their own sites. But if the Kardashians can be posted on every other page why not this one?

  • http://www.lease-agreement-template.com/ Derek

    Sweet for sure, not all that hot though…next

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