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GirlsInYogaPants.com fan Allie loves our site so much she decided to see if she has what it takes to get posted. If you like Allie and want to see more of her, check out the high res shots after the jump and let her know what you think in the comments..

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  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Ass sniffer

    Very nice Allie. I’m gonna go empty my nutsack now

  • Ch’booie

    She’s got a pretty nice lil ass.

    And I like the way she tilted the camera for the first shot. Only a genius artistic photographer would think to do something so kooky and unique.

  • http://jameystegmaier.com Jamey Stegmaier

    Wow. Absolutely stunning.

  • пользователь

    ух заебись какая

  • StrokerAce

    Allie, you’re cute and have nice tits and a fine ass! Please send more pics! :D

  • Aldaris

    This is the best way to start a day! Thanks Allie, and send more pics!

  • Adam

    MOTHER OF GOD!! Amazing

  • buttman

    very nice

  • Sanchez

    I want this every week.

  • Nick

    Football belly

  • Ward Cleaver

    I love you, Allie.

  • Ass Master

    Please come sit on my face Allie!

  • Ass Lover

    God what a nice ass.

  • illest

    Allie, I would worship that body all day and night.

  • http://occupy-bacon.tumblr.com/ Carlow

    Why are all of the “fan” submitted pics blurry? these bitches need to clean all o fteh slobber off of their camera lenses. Seriously.

  • reggie


  • anon

    Fit bodies make for long and fulfilling, aggressive, fantastic sex. Also show dominance over other women so you can dress as you please whether at beach or gym or on sidewalk—anybody tries to stop you kick their butt!

    You are def. hot and you have a great body—Congrats on all your hard effort in the gym!

    I would not worry about the “football stomach” comment, however, if you think its an issue then you can correct it, but not through more intense exercise. Look for postural improvement, stretching, just changes to the way you stand and lift and how you arch back or don’t arch it, every day life habits kind of thing. Personal instruction from a yoga teacher could be helpful.

  • olskoolsteve

    Thanks Allie, you are stunning!

  • asslicker

    holy crap u guys we clear these pics dont know what your talking about cause i saw that skinny girl first and u said that was maybe the best frontal friday this is hands down the best i have ever seen allie you have a perfect body

  • cazr

    Dam u look dam good you have nice vagina down there girl love ur ass to..

  • buttlover

    First and foremost, nice rack! Pretty face and decent ass. She’d definitely get a rim job from me.

  • http://AOL buddy roe

    She was put on this earth for one purpose. To assist men in achieving orgasm!!!!

    This is why women deserved to be raped for wearing stuff like that!!!

  • b1gb0ner

    All I can say is….Got Anal? what an ass!!

  • zombiewoof

    Buddy roe….got issues much?

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