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Her advice? “Every girl should own a hot pink bra!” Our advice? Every girl should take a picture in a hot pink bra! Well, maybe not every girl..


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  • brian


  • ken

    schweeet… love that

  • paul

    not only is she amazing but smoking hot

  • BananaPants

    wow, that’s all I can say

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99


  • showtime


  • battousai1

    Shiny grey tight curving yoga pants are boss..*drool*

  • StrokerAce

    Let me help:

    “Our advice? Every girl who looks this goddamn fucking hot should take a picture in a hot pink bra! And give us plenty of yoga pants butt shots.” :D

    You guys need to start covering more angles. So do submitters like this hottie. ;)

  • John

    Repost, but really damn hot!

  • Claze

    Pink bra’s are hot, she’s on fire. daam

  • Stoogeling

    More please!

  • jack

    My advice: with a hottie like this, she should post a shot without a bra to!!!

  • loveDatAss

    Chciks hot no doubt, wonder what that ass looks like >>

  • chris

    man that is a sweet tummy..we have to see the butt!!!

  • BootyHunter

    we need more of this babe!! best set a tities in the land! daaaayum!

  • BootyHunter

    wait a minute… is that a snake on her shoulder?

  • http://gincomesmarketing.com Albert

    Hey Hey !! She has gotten the body all right then. Hmmm

  • Well

    i wanna see her naked… i was straight forward with it…

  • jimmy

    that is the sexiest picture i have ever seen

  • Zod

    Repost haha.. and FYI for you folks who don’t know who she is:

    Amia Miley. Pornstar. Amazingly gorgeous. That is all!!

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