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  • Captain Virtue


  • Billy Bob

    WHOOOOA way to skinny! I can see why she’s in a Dr.’s office. To find a way to plump up a bit. Beautiful face and titties however no ass and way to thin. With that being said I wouldn’t pass up a chance to titty fuck her n blow a load on her very pretty face.

  • http://GIYP.com BULLDOG

    Even on her TOES she has NO ASS!!! I can hear her complaining now…”Pull some of that out…IT HURTS!!!”

  • jay

    Mmmmmm yes please!

  • StrokerAce

    I would tittybang her.

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Russelthelovemuscle

    I want to finger bang her while slapping on some juergens and stroking my schlloonnnggg

  • Neal

    Anal sex.

  • Retired Porn Star

    This reminds me of that porn vid I was in: “Tiptoe Through Her Two Lips”…good times…good times…

  • tksaturn

    Way TOO skinny! I like a girl who doesn’t look like I’d break her in half when having sex with her.

  • StrokerAce

    She’s very pretty, and I would love to snuggle with her, but yes, she can use a sandwich or two. But we all know she won’t be a fatass 20 years from now.

  • http://www.first.com first


    Yeah I’m always first bitch

    Pros: nice face, huge fake tits, pink asshole and pink pussy

    Cons: NO ASS, huge fake tits

    Definitely would get a handjob , titjob and blowjob from this hoe. Boney ass though. My hurt my stomach when slamming her doggy style

    On the other hand, she has no ass which is good for my tiny dick. It would fit in now!

    She needs to hit the gym for at least 2 years and eat more for sure.

    Then she’ll be slamming.

    The jury is out on this one. You guys enjoy.

  • chester

    ill put her on a high protein diet

  • T$chneidz

    What creeps me out is, did the Doctor take and post this picture of his unsuspecting patients? And od so, mad props and good luck facing the medical board!

  • Chun


  • The Last Universalist

    “Thin”? More like anorexic.

    To steal a line from “The Rock”, how in the name of ZEUS’S BUTTHOLE is she even still alive? If she was wearing a parka I could count her ribs from across the street.

    YEEEECHHH!!! Tell her to eat a few thousand sandwiches and stop trying to imitate Karen Carpenter.

  • datass

    Why would you guys post a pic like this? Wtf we’re you guys thinking? Jesus…

  • paul

    if she could gain about 10 to 15 pounds she would be perfect. i am bound to break her in half just banging her

  • loki

    ‘Oh why am I so fat?’

  • DougieLittleHand

    You guys are all fags. Like any of you would have a chance with her. She needs a little more ass but nice face and tits. She’s gorgeous.

  • http://www.HitachiMagic.com HitachiMagic.com

    Very pretty face….nice breasts….everything else needs work

  • Gaaaawwwwwwwwwd

    This picture has no business here

  • Cybr

    OK boobs, but way to boney for my taste.

  • Senor Guapo

    She’s super hot. You guys can keep the whales. I’d definitely tongue punch her in the fart box.

  • mordred

    “thin”? this type of woman is for your pleasure to finger fuck her and give her a very tough work-out schedule.

  • iheartyogapants7


  • powersurge

    marry her immediately…

  • Sal

    I would still HIT that !! Better to be thin then a Massive Beast Cow !

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