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I hear a lot of horror stories of people getting tattoos in other languages that are supposed to have some inspiring message, only to find out later that the tattoo artist thought it would be funnier to put “I EAT DOG POOP” on you, rather than “love, peace, equality” or some shit. Don’t believe me? Google it! Or check out WTFTattoos to see some non-language barrier fuck ups. (okay, they probably have some of those, too) Back to the girl! She submitted this shot she took after her morning run – potential? Be the judge and let her know in the comments.


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  • Vic


  • Yoga Guy

    Um, no. Too small…almost…boyish. I’ll pass.

  • Diamond B

    Meh, it is a bit flat in this particular shot. I need more poses to make an informed decision.

  • OogleGrrr

    On to the next one…

  • ILoveYogaPants

    Something not right with that one. Would be a good start for WTFASS.

  • underwear mouth

    I disagree with the panel so far. This young lady has a fine caboose… it’s just a bad picture. I can tell that she also has fab abs. Send us another miss, then we can prove these naysayers false.

  • TanYoga

    Looks great to me! For sure a runners bum. There’s a slight bubble. Would have no problem keeping up if that was running in front of me.

  • juggnuttz

    i like a little ass, id lick that forever!

  • HungAZ

    I think it looks tight! I’d drill it ’til she couldn’t stand.

  • Durdy Burdy

    It looks as if she had a camel toe in between her butt cheeks.

  • http://fridayfuckyou.blogspot.com/ Josh

    pay no attention to the nay-sayers you have a great ass!

  • blueollie

    She definitely has a thong underneath; that is what shows the split in the cheeks.

  • Scott

    She has no real ass to speak of, doesn’t belong on this site period.

  • Ledz13

    BOO!!!! This pic does not belong here.FLAT as can be. WTF!!!!!!!!

  • Doug

    I like the tats but the ass is flat

  • Atom Bossman

    The ass isn’t flat god dammit. It’s tight WTF have you ever seen flat? damn…

  • mRMegoo

    no thanks! Never submit another picture to anywhere! Your Mons pubis is supposed to be in the front, not the back!

  • Marco

    Nice tiny butt – awful tiny tattoos. I just can’t abide by bad tattoo work, sorry sweetie! Tell your artist he needs more practice.

  • Appalled

    Looks like her but got a little hungry…it’s totally eating those pants.

  • http://www.carscale.com B3rnard_Models

    I only see the thong :/

  • Braxton rodriguez

    That is her stomach

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