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Seriously ladies, pick any color of yoga pants except for one close to your skin tone when going out in public.

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    Small girls are for wimps!

  • dcuplover

    they even have a pseudo cellulite look to them….

  • thatsfunny

    That is why we still have the death penalty .

  • GIYPFan

    The title should read “Yoga Pants on a middle-aged cellulite ridden woman are a no”, not “Flesh colored Yoga Pants are a no”. Seriously, no one would be complaining if Bradie Lynn or Jenn Setler decided to wear flesh colored yoga pants…in fact, I really wish they would.

  • Barf

    Age has nothing to do with it, I have seen some 40+ year olds in yoga pants that have raised the flag pole… Someone like that in general, should not wear thin stretchy pants and it shows everything.

  • reck

    This should be illegal.

  • foomanchew

    I saw something like this at the ATL airport. Not my scene.

  • DaTruth

    Her knees have BALLS!!!!!!!

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