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Not much to see here, I’m not even going to bother sending this over to our friends at Beach Creeps.

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  • john

    where’s the bum??? oh man…..

  • sha-wing!

    wait a minute! this (^^^) was rejected but this ( http://www.beachcreeps.com/the-color-purple/ ) made it onto Beachcreeps?

  • Dave

    It’s all good. :)

  • fanofgiyp

    Flat doesn’t even begin to describe the lack of definition here…

  • maestro716

    id still get up in it haha

  • Vic

    i love it

  • dan

    thats not flat!!! not even

  • StrokerAce

    It ain’t a bubble booty but it needs a spankin’ anyway. ;)

  • juggnuttz

    too many chubby chasers around here…… thats fine tho, ill take her any time!

  • Johnny

    Works for me.

  • jzajza

    looks like shes clenching…but the bubble is there somewhere..

  • RB

    Unworthy. Next!

  • bocca

    RB said it all……

  • Bernard Dover

    Is this a candid shot shot from the lunar landscape? She definitely sat in noassatall. Next.

  • BDI’s

    Not bad definition at the lower parts, but nothing up higher. It even looks like she’s arching a little bit and STILL has little up top to show for it.

    But heck, I’ll bet she still looks good on her hands and knees (from the back).

  • Scott

    Dude what is wrong with you? Why would you put that beach creeps link in this thread, OH MY GOD, my eyes are still burning…

  • Yoga Guy

    Hmmm…it is a little flat, but I won’t care when she does a wide-kneed child’s pose…or Prasarita Padottadasana…

  • Johnny T.

    It’s not the cheeks themselves which are important but what is between them.

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