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Say hello to fitness model Jen Setler. I highly recommend checking out her awesome Tumblr page .






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  • Jayde

    Hot as helllll. That is perfection. This one is right click saved.

  • Chun

    THAT is marriage material! Not these Thick=Fat bitches that you guys post on here. HOT!

  • Chun

    THAT is marriage material! Not these Thick=Fat bitches that you guys post on here. HOT!

  • StrokerAce

    Yeah, I just came. :D

    But this is the “bitchy” chick from a couple of weeks ago:



    I hate fit people. I hope they all get hit by trees or really large bushes.

  • jigsaw

    lol how could you hate fit people

  • Jayd

    Her tumblr= girlsinyogapants x 1000

  • Aldaris

    This pics should be watched by every bit*h out there that think that they are bomb shells , ignoring how a super hot and fitted booty should ever be!
    I’d like to see this girl with a pair of very high heels and yoga pants…

  • Reck

    Damn, ones of the best I’ve seen for quite some time.

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    plow her ass

  • Lester Paul

    I check he tumblr page daily. She is phenomenal. Search her on YouTube. They did a story on teenage plastic surgery on the Today Show. Check out her before and after nose job pics.

  • Chris I

    If you guys like fitness ass, you HAVE to check out Paula Fatic. Hands down the best fitness ass out there.

  • Lester Paul

    Thank you Chris! I could not think of her name. She is outstanding

  • Jayd

    It’s Mother’s Day and no milf posts?!?

  • Zack Morris

    Great body! I found it strange that she’d post so many headless shots, but then I realized why…

  • Ward Cleaver

    Holy shit! Do girls like this actually exist? I wish I could meat a hot bod like this in person. No one at my gym looks even remotely this hot!

  • bootyologist

    LOL @ zack morris. my thoughts exactly. hahahaha

  • Neal

    Would fuck her from behind repeatedly.

  • Sandman

    @chris…. Paula Fatic is hot but check out Courtney Prather as well! Hot body!!!

  • T

    Top left is PHOTOSHOPPED. Dumb bitch I say… gross.

  • Hugh Jorgan

    O M F G!!!!!! I’d eat that shit like a snowcone

  • http://instagram.com coryman

    all u haters need to get some fixing. that girl is beautiful with a beautiful body. she works hard . smh

  • anonymous

    it’s jen selter… and I know her

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  • http://google robert

    Just lovely!!!…..And a nice butt too!!!

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