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GIYP veterans, we need your help in figuring out whether or not this picture has been doctored. Need a closer look? Check out the high res shot after the jump and let us know your thoughts in the comments. If not Photoshop, do you think she needs liposuction or is she fine the way she is? As far as lipo goes, it almost looks too firm to be made of fat.

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  • ninjabox

    doesnt look like it to me

  • gr8man

    Damn very nice

  • Ass Master

    Photoshoped or not…. YUM!

  • cazr

    I wish i can stik my dck on her psy on the picture its going to look much beter…

  • cazr

    I wish i can stik my dck on her psy on the lelf girl the picture its going to look much beter…

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Ass sniffer

    I am definitely playing with myself later wishin she was sitting on my 4 inches

  • Hypez

    That shit cray.

  • Simple Simon

    No Photoshop ppl, a friend and I were there, snapped the pic and I could not help but post it on GIYP!!! They are both fuckin beautiful.

  • dipstick

    i think it is photo shopped if you look up from the smoking hot ass on her elbow is a very sharp 90 degree angle right in the middle of the guy in whites shirt. also she has like three hairs just sticking out for no reason. Either way though they are still both amazingly beautiful.

  • maestro716


    Simon, shut the hell up. Lyin’ ass.

  • SkateThenBake

    so not shopped, man she is beautiful!! n dat ass!!! ^_^

  • Netjnke

    Her name is Bianca Anchieta … found over 50 sites w/ this pic on em. http://facebookdodia.tumblr.com/post/19712339685/bianca-anchieta

  • ScooterDoo

    It’s shopped, dipstick is correct, also look at the shadows by her ass, they go both ways. Either way it’s still a rad ass pic.

  • that guy

    Shopped but who cares

  • thbc

    Being an Adobe ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) for more then 15 years – this is two dif images. – right off the bat you can see the lighting errors and plus who would where that outfit to a reunion?

    BTW – Extremely nice ass! ;)

  • WizeGuy1320

    Im a professional graphic artist,…and this is photoshopped, sorry dudes

  • George Costanza

    I would put my crooked dick on the left one and while im fucking her i would get on my cell and report the right one to immigration.

  • KaiserSoze

    I’m a robot ninja, and this my friend has been ‘shopped.

  • Eric Shun

    Thanks, now I need to photoshop the boner out of my pants so I can actually walk around the office without getting hit with harassment suits!

  • MJ

    The girl on the right has hands like a man. Yeah its shopped cause she wouldn’t be going out in something like that, but….I would do her just the same

  • MJ

    But I tell you, its something in the water the these girls are drinking or something. Cause a lot of them have asses that will out a Black women to shame.

  • Corn


  • YoungGun

    As much as I’d like to believe otherwise, I think this has had a some photoshopping.

  • Al

    I don’t care, she’s good enough to satisfy my needs.

  • Certified Inspector

    its not photoshopped, she has plenty more pictures online if you drag and drop the picture on this page into google images you can find the other ones. name Bianca Anchieta

  • John

    Why does there always have to be so much fucking controversy about a pic being photoshopped? What’s the big deal? And all this talk about shadows…look idiots…the pic is INDOORS….Light can be coming from more than one place!!!! Just look, admire, and shut the fuck up about the photoshopping already!!!

  • Jackie

    Certified inspector: I did a search under her name, and you are right, it’s real. How do you drap and drop the picture into google? Do you mean just the actual filename of the jpg?

  • Certified Inspector

    No; i believe it is a new feature on google, but if you open a second window of your browser and set it to google images, then click and drag the picture from wherever you see it over to the google page and it should open a small box on google that says “drag and drop images here” as you are doing it. then google somehow pulls up all other instances the photo is linked to and other photos like it. I dont think it works if you try and just do it from the default http://www.google.com page. it has to be in images, or already having searched something, if that makes sense.

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Ass sniffer

    Semen just spilled out everywhere… Aaaahhhhhhhhhh

  • http://facebook.com/dbrown51909 derrick

    yea i think its photoshopped for sure bc the brightness is inconsistent but honestly who gives a fuck shes hot as a mother fucker

  • 1817

    who the hell dresses like that for a family reunion?

  • Jonny

    Very cute!! Nope her butt looks real:)

  • Eric

    Naww Bro that’s 100% Booty Meat man!!!!

  • Mike

    Considering that the rest of her body is nicely toned, I’d say she put in hard work and has good genetics.

  • StrokerAce

    They are way too young to posted here. Sorry.

  • Frenchie

    Will you marry me?

  • C-BOW

    Well I actually think that 15 year expert is actually wrong. This looks very much real. Lighting actually hits perfectly on the same areas. Not to mention the clothes thing, its obviously not “formal” reunion, just look at the people in the back sitting down.

  • blueollie

    More photos of her here:

    No yoga pants, but tight jeans and a spandex skirt….

  • blueollie

    For those of you on facebook:


    you can see her photos even if you aren’t a friend. LOTS of spandex there.

  • Bk

    I’d hit

  • AssMan2000

    Damn all of you are wrong. Dont thank me, thank theChive. Next time dont always listen to the people that comment..

  • SkateThenBake

    haha the only way this is shopped is that she was added to the pic and again dat ass!!!!

  • MrAmazin151420

    You limp dick white boys have obviously never met Brazilian girls. Bianca is 100% certified bunda meat!

  • thomas

    who in the hell would wear an outfit like that to a family reunion…oh yeah..inbred hicks

  • Jbiden

    There are hundreds of photos of her on Facebook and her ass is bangin in all of em. Real not shopped

  • loki

    under age dune coons

  • http://yourmomisadancingpicklecondomwithpartystreamersandhookers.com Soda Popinski

    even there heads look shopped

  • piff

    look at her hair over the dudes white shirt total photoshop


    Definitely shopped, not very good either. look at the wall when it meets her ass how it dips there is a shadow on nothing right there were the wall dips. it’s bullshit. BUT why? you could shop a hotter chick easily.

  • Cuhhneedo

    I’m pretty sure there’s a vagina. I donno about two complete eyes though

  • Ryan

    Damn that ass, photoshoped for sho, but i need to take a look at the original pic anyways lol

  • Vash

    yea that is her, not photoshopped

    check her pics out here


  • http://GIYP AK47ROB

    its fake!!! on the left, her ass is shaped like a cone head, too much of a point. on the right, look at her hands, feet and legs. Thats the body of a 60 year old and besides her head is too big for the body. but i would still slide my dog between them buns, fake or not.

  • trey

    My lord this is incredible

  • Tee

    Not photoshop look. At the lighting c
    Shining on me and there shadow’s

  • Legoz

    Hey cousin lets take shots of Tequila so i can take advantage of Dat Ass!

  • JJ

    No need for photoshop there…that is a nice natural ass…just come to Miami…U will see that + better all day! Bigger and better! Ahhhh gotta love Miami!

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