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We recently posted a submission featuring a girl with an excellent waist-to-ass ratio, and we believe she’s back. Does this look like the same girl to you? Keep going for the full shot and let us know what you think after the jump!

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  • Person who submitted the pics

    Yes, its the same chick. :)

  • kdoublei

    yeah, thats perfect

  • Capt. Blackfoot

    Nice ass, bad pic!

  • Sprung

    I’m not sure about the cord, but I would plug into that ass any day.

  • http://www.zuseloop.com ZuseLoop

    Definitely the same girl….thats some math we don’t mind seeing lol

  • George Costanza

    That ass must smell like shit stains

  • Ben Dover

    Sweet, blurry but sweet

  • Ramon Sykes

    That, Gentlemen, Is an android! Look at the power cable coming out of her ass! where can I acquire one of those?

  • Robert

    Not the greatest quality pic, but damn nice ass. Moar!!

  • eddie

    Great ASSSSSets

  • StrokerAce

    Let me balance her on my johnson before I decide the excellence of her waist-to-ass ratio. The pictures look fantASStic, but I need hands-on scientific proof. :D

  • D-mouse


  • peoplewatcher

    it isn’t the same girl….this one is waaaay better!!

  • George Costanza

    I think this chick is a dude, I see a bulge :(

  • jimbo33

    Photoshopped jackasses….

  • http://www.acidrefluxremediesx.org Derek

    I don’t think it’s the same one, this ass is too big! Still not bad so who cares?

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99


  • Lovesbigbooty

    That is something I like to call SPECIAL she is so fine I would lick her neck her back like her pussae and her crack

  • Spock

    It’s clearly the same gal. Same clothes, same angle, and both have the same poor quality (probably crappy iTrash) camera.

  • Tim

    Every photo with a side view, I wish there was a frontal view. Every photo with a frontal view, I wish there was a side view. :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    Thats hot!!!

  • Sabii623

    Are no girls looking at these pics and comparing? They’re the same pants in both pics… white with blue on the hips… deff the same girl, with a great ass :] *jealous*

  • assman2000

    please whoever you are send in more you have a perfect ass to waist ratio

  • Kscorpuo71

    Thats a tranny and thats his/her tampon string hanging out its ass!

  • Kodell Konners

    That sure IZ one, big, fat, over weight ass. Nothing sexy about it. What is wrong with the guys these days ?, I wonder. I suppose many need new glasses or eye ball transplants !. I would have to turn that one away. Just too big & probably smells bad too.


  • Anon1

    She’s totally leaning at a camera angle to make her ass look super huge and her waist super small…. Just sayin

  • DaBaws

    who cates who it is i’d eat that meat

  • Kodell Konners

    Comming from a womans view point, I would not be caught dead with a HUGE ass like that !. Gross & awful looken & probably smelly too, as how can someone keep such an enormus ass clean ?. It may be clean for a little while after bathing, and laying down, but no walking allowed, as that is when the ass cheeks squish together, causing friction , sweat and smelly ass !. Gross !. Gross in German means BIG, HUGE, Humungous ! :) Thought you all might want to know that tidbit :)

  • http://www.google.com R. Allen

    You have my complete undivided attention with that body!!! EXCELLENT!!!

  • ambASSador

    Judging from the pants and the shirt I would say yes its the same girl, bit the ass is much more shapely in this shot. What’s the time difference between posts? She could have gained more muscle in the time. Either way, sexy as shit!

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