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This might be one of the best creep shots I’ve seen in quite some time. Keep going for the enlarged pic to get a closer look at that booty

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  • 1817

    god bless tim horton’s

  • StrokerAce

    Great ass, but are those jeggings? Not that it matters since that’s a GREAT ASS. If that’s in a Tim Horton’s, I’d be glad to glaze her buns. :D

  • tgod

    I’m pretty sure that’s mcdonalds, I notice the charity coin box infront of the cash register. Also, there not jeggings,just yoga caprice pants..

  • A

    Think it’s Dunkin Donuts, but it’s irrelevant….she got a perfect little ass on her

  • Ass hat

    That’s so great

  • Bobbo

    Mmmmm, I’m thinking cream filled!!!!

  • Scott H

    thats my gf who took this

  • Reggie


  • Reggie


  • AssWorshipKing

    Scott H
    if it’s your hf then what r u doin here

  • john

    Big booty? I think it’s just right …

  • jon brown

    id squeeze it

  • loki

    just what your fat ass needs, MORE fast food!!!! Yea Amerika!!!

  • Canuckguy

    Moron, are you saying that is a fat ass?
    Come on, that is one fine rear end and she is entitled to treat herself for looking so sexy.

  • Deon

    She has sexy toes.

  • loki

    you are right I’ve seen fatter, but give her time….

  • jj

    what an absolute shame that there is no one inside of her.


    She’d better stay away from fast food if she wants to keep that ass!

  • greenies

    yeah i’ll have a McRound…. I mean, an Arbys melt

  • justin

    mm tight

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Ass sniffer

    I want to smear French fries in my cum and feed it to her

  • Canuckguy

    “…I’ve seen fatter, but give her time”
    Well most women do get plumper with age unfortunately including my two x-wives. Once they went over the limit I set(BMI=27), I walked. Example, a 5ft 2in woman at 147 lbs hits a BMI of 27 as was the case with Wife#1. She continued on to hit over 30. Ok, most women would call me a prick but that’s me. I think my limit was generous.
    PS: Sorry for calling you a moron, was no need for me to get rude.

  • Lcsc

    Creep shot? If the shooter is to be called a creep. Then what is she? Wearing that shit out in public!?

  • loki

    @Canuckguy, no problem. Also I like your scale and agree it’s quite generous.

  • b

    nice and tight..id give her some creme she wont forget

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