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Excellent Booty At A Marathon

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marathonI was going to say she’s a marathon runner, but she’s not wearing socks and that seems like a dumb idea if you’re going to go run a marathon.

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  • Verified Columnist

    woah hot stuff

    • Evensteven

      Yes it is. Love your avatar

  • Kevin Swanson

    I would love to pull those ass cheeks apart and stick my tongue way in there pulling out the brown stuff…mmmmm.mmmmm.mmmmm……..Where is the cougar? Her last round of pics made me squirt 7 times in one day.

    • doctor stinkstah

      probably smells like cinnamon so no worries

  • Joe

    I don’t know who she is but this seems like it’s in Mexico. The shirt she’s wearing is that of a bank called Banamex. So maybe it was a marathon sponsored by them.

  • jim bob

    i love that shes posing for a picture and its clearly not this one

  • Bootyologist

    Wife material

  • Canuckguy

    Kevin, stop with the filthy childish comments, you moronic idiot. Nobody is impressed.

    • Kevin Swanson

      Okay you fucking nerd. Thanks for the comment about distinguishing a marathon runner’s ass, vs non marathon runner. Canada sucks also BTW.

  • Canuckguy

    Now as for that lovely butt, there is no way she can be a marathon runner, runners have nice shapely butts, but this nicely shaped butt is too big for a serious runner, not that is a bad thing. Marathon runners have shapely but little butts.

  • Greg

    Fucking amazing!

  • D S

    I don’t care if she runs a marathon or walks around the mall. I’d take her.

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