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This fan writes “day off in downtown Chicago with my sister and some of our friends. this however is my sister’s hot friend, *******. how could I resist, right?” — Our question is: how can you resist checking out the high res version of this risky creep shot? Scroll down!

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  • George Costanza

    It looks like my butt…

  • Zakk

    Looks like a dude…

  • StrokerAce

    If that’s a dude, he shaves his legs. I doubt it’s a guy.

    I hope this fan’s “sister’s hot friend” doesn’t see this picture or he’ll have to whack off to it the rest of his life, instead of actually tapping that ass. ;)

  • Canuckguy

    How can you think for a second that gorgorous rear end belongs to a dude and what kind of dude would wear that outfit anyway. jeez, take the guy’s word and accept it is a female. sheesh!!

  • shawn

    Wedgie is so hot, makes me want to pierce a hole in her pants with my cock and commence fucking that ass

  • Ch’booie

    If that’s a dude, call me gay because I’d totally fuck that dude.

    Gorgeous little plump rump. Fucking sexy.

  • Iv693

    Wow that dude has a nice ass …I’ll hit that

  • Bill

    dude or girl, i want to shove moldy cheesecake up the this girl’s funky cheese ass, only to eat out later. then fist it deep like a rag doll, wiggling my arm through her intestines and pull out all the cheesy goodness, along with her smelly excrements. True dinner of champions.

  • vic

    pass…..this broad aint packing enough hip action

  • loki

    she should have took the stairs, and jogged up them!!!

  • Uh

    I’ve never seen a dude with legs like that. This is clearly a chick and one with a nice ass.

  • George Costanza

    my butt looks like that if i wear yoga pants and believe me I have.. the reason why i have done this is to jack off in them… what a rush!

  • ned

    @George: nooone really cares :)

  • Carnage

    Why is there an escalator in her kitchen?

  • Rosa Parks

    Damn I wish that was my sister!

  • Verified Columnist

    now thats a professional shot

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