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Epic Video Of Jen Selter’s Butt In Yoga Pants

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For fans of Jennifer Selter: Prepare to feast your eyes on 4 minutes of heaven. It is your duty as a man to share this with someone like-minded.

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  • hater

    i hate her stupid ass face and fake ass butt implants. i wish she would go away.

    • ur an idiot

      its not fake you stupid fuck

    • sly

      there real she built that ass!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    over this chick

  • Guest

    This girl is basically just a one trick pony. I’ve seen her ass from all angles. I have evaluated and ranked her and tucked mental images away in the spank bank. Now her ass has reached saturation levels and I do not give a fuck about seeing it anymore unless it’s doing something new or different next time.

    There’s only so many times I can see the same exact ass, in the same exact poses over and over again before I want to see that ass undressed, spanked, and violated with a giant cock or the leg of a chair.

  • ChrisI

    I seriously would put my face between her ass cheeks until my nose touches her butthole. And then fall asleep.

    • sly

      nice I agree

  • chrisi

    By the way – 0:41 FTW. That needs to be a .gif NOW. Would make that my avatar everywhere I have an online presence.

  • dm1701

    Ass is prime, no doubt, but her legs are thin and undefined like a cartoon character. yes, that scene where she hikes up her yoga pants is GOD! However, for a girl that is a fitness icon (to some) it seemes she just focuses on her butt, and not her arms, back or any other area really…Michelle Lewin, now that is a fit babe with an ass.

  • critic

    if only she had child bearing hips too, than she’d be really hot. but she has boy hips

  • Guest

    Appreciate her hard work. Keep rockin that ass Jen, you make dicks explode on the reg.

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