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So folks, it looks like we’ve been lied to. We’re heartbroken – I mean, we’ve come to terms with the fact that not all booty’s can be epic, but to have something so beautiful in your hands and then have it ripped away? Life’s just not fair. I hoped to be able to find a decent picture similar to our original post, but unfortunately this is the best I could find:

SIKE! Make the jump and watch it wrap around..

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  • 12banger

    oh to be that stick……

  • HMJ

    The original is nicer anyway.

  • Barney

    If she’d squeeze it a little tighter she could probably snap it half.

  • Scotlanda

    I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eljw24

    I agree with HMJ

  • R

    Even tho her ass isn’t as large I would say the subway girl is still indeed epic ass.

  • http://girlsinyogapants.com Jay


  • mason

    all the boys at my office love this site..
    the girls just get mad

  • http://eter.com bob

    BEST SITE EVER!!!!!!!

  • Some Guy

    Oh I wish that was my stick…

  • Nelson

    i find both post wonderful. imagine if were to be your dick guys

  • Franky

    Id like to Tit fuck her ass

  • Joe

    I think this should become a required pose! I would like to volunteer my pole.


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