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It’s insane how similar the pictures in this submission are to the infamous “Epic Booty On The Subway” update we did way back in the early days of GIYP. If this isn’t a recreation, I’m going to start living on the subway – it might take till I’m old and grey and stink like piss, but it’ll be worth it to see that pole devouring booty in person! Check out the high res shot and some more angles, after the jump..

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  • GIYP192

    OMG I wanna sleep in between those cheeks….and that goes for the original subway chick too.

  • HailGIYPs

    This is from a porn. You get to see a whole lot more too

  • buck safety

    That’s some right fine tail and I’d be tapping that shit fo’ sho’. But old man looks like he smells like piss. what the fuck is he doing in there anyway?

  • PortHeat

    What porn is that?

  • http://none dan

    I take back my last comment!, wow

  • a55

    I damn near had a coronary when I thought they found the one who was the ass in that old ass pic! I have been bamboozled into loving another booty!

  • George Costanza

    @HailGIYPs WHICH PORN? I NEED TO SEE THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Black Handed

    Lol check out the shopped old man face in the last pic

  • lafdason

    i suspect some photo shopping

  • damn

    with a booty like that i would never let her take the subway. call me the cab driver

  • StrokerAce

    The old man looks suspiciously like our dearly missing friend Johnny. I can’t be sure, though. It’s been a long time since Johnny posted here. ;)

  • Conan

    The porn is called GF revenge. I think the episode is called “fast ride” or something like that.

  • Netjnke

    LOL Why did they shop the guys face in the last pic?

    She looks like she could clench herself to the pole without her feet touching the ground

  • BD

    Your avi being photoshopped, this is much better.

  • Boy
  • john

    Photoshopped ?

  • Ch’booie

    GF Revenge indeed, video is called “Free Ride”. I’m watching it now. It’s not very good.

  • Ward Cleaver

    Isn’t that Johnny’s photoshopped face?

  • George Costanza

    I saw the porno and I didnt get turned on at all. The girl is the new cuban pornstar with big ass but shes not good looking.

    I’ll leave you this VHS on your doorstep StrokerAce

  • http://Giyp ASS KING

    I’d stick my Dick up in her Ass, and give her a train ride!!

  • Dinamo

    Valerie Kay is her name!!!!!

  • kozmo

    I wanna be that pole

  • Robert

    HAHAH!! I love the johnny ‘shop’ at the end. And porno or not, that ass is nice!

  • Ass Lover

    Doesn’t look like any subway I’ve ever been in. But I would love to be that pole.

  • Answers

    hahaha this is ABSOLUTELY a recreation of your photo. i introduced my friend to your blog and he is in porn marketing and showed it to his employers as an example of the new style of “realistic” erotica that they should move towards and they took his suggestion a little too literally and recreated the scene exactly. and btw, that is a fake subway train set that was made for the purpose of the shoot. GIYP + my friend = new porn revolution. (PS i havent been back since all the ridiculous viruses crashed my comp over a year ago, but now i have a reason to return. better keep it clean this time. im a lady!) : )

  • itstrue

    She is right. I’ve been a fan of the site for awhile and that original picture is all over the internet. My employers did make it an update for GFRevenge and its selling really well. Thanks GIYP!

  • http://Www.girlsinyogapants.com KarremSWAGG173

    Iam Gona slip my dick into her ass cheek

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