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@YOURBOYEDDIE and @DJSupaSam are back, this time bringing legendary comedian Earthquake along to help judge the girls of GirlsInYogaPants.com! Click here for the archive of these guy’s hilarious reaction videos featuring stars like Big Sean and Jamal Crawford!


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  • Laurence

    where da white women at?

  • ed90

    This is really getting old…performing chimps. Just show the ass please.

  • TaxMan

    I agree it is not as good as the ass but fuck you Special Ed90. You would NEVER make a comment like that in person.

  • StrokerAce

    These guys always crack me up (gee, sorry Ed90), but don’t they look at the bigger photos? They liked the softball girl but griped for her not showing her face, when there is a bigger, full body picture of her.

    You’d think they’d like to get the full booty pop by clicking the “Continue reading” links. Give ‘em a heads up, GIYP!

  • jA

    Notice these chimps always where caps, because they know their african hair is disgusting

  • bootywatcher33

    WTF is with all the racism? We all bleed the same and we’re all here for the same thing — hot asses and legs in yoga pants. Get over your ignorant selves.

  • Scott

    I agree I love to come andget see the postthe here of girls in yogapants but with all the damn racism here needs to be censored. I mean pictures are y not the negative an blatant ignorance that is being posted and called comments of your viewers.

  • D????

    ed90 & Ja burn in hell u bitches

  • tight!

    I think the mildly retarded douche on the right with his sister’s underwear on his head jacked a buick last week. Fucking monkeys!

  • loki

    Monkeys are always in heat with their under developed brains.

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