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michelle-balvs-newAs you may have noticed, I recently fell in love with @MichelleBalvsand while I’m not a fan of duck lipping on any girl, I’m a big fan of everything else about her.michelle-balvs-new-1So at this point I’m debating moving to her town so that I can casually run in to her at bars or the grocery store. If we don’t hit it off, I’ll just throw money at her until I’m broke or she accepts my proposal.. I hear that’s how Kanye got Kim.

Either way, I smell a new restraining order in my future!


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  • fucking kidding me

    This girl is ugly

  • CaptainCrankyDeux

    A sheet, bag, towel or anything else will solve the face and the duck lipping as you are fucking her brains out.

    • Cybrsk8r

      Put a flag over her face and fuck her for old glory.

  • Cybrsk8r


  • Wouldfuckher

    Lol at the ugly comments would love to see you guys hahahaha hahahaha

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