Random Girl in Yoga Pants


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  • TheBootyHammer

    I want to tap that ass so bad!

  • X

    Drake likes dudes…

  • StrokerAce

    That booty’s a bit bigger than I prefer, but I do like her spirit! I’d probably be glad to hit if she sat on my lap. ;)

  • tim


  • George Costanza

    Impressive butt, I myself would not touch a nigger butt.

  • charlie choo choo

    Abslolutely fucking nasty!!!!!

  • AssMane

    Lol ill smack the shitt outaa drake and take that chick

  • jA

    I know it’s black history month, but do we really need to pretend that she-boons are attractive in the slightest? I’ve had enough, I’d rather see any other race

  • Poppin yo

    Black or not as soon as i got a glimpse of that bubble ass i got as hard as a rock ….. I want her to take a seat on my penis.

  • cozzafrenzy

    pff that ass is disgusting

  • sam

    16 seconds was all I can take

  • http://GirlsInYogaPants.com Bulldog

    You guys with the racist comments are full of shit!!! 1, if you have a problem, you shouldnt watch the video. (even the DUMBEST of you know that DRAKE wont have a ‘bony’ white girl in a video). 2, you watched it ANYWAY, just to see that round, BLACK ass!!! And 3, despite all the shit you people talk…if you could LAY that girl, you WOULD!!! Because…secretly…ya’ll WISH you had a big BLACK dick…thats the ONLY dick that could handle an ass like THAT!!!

  • StrokerAce

    Keyboard racists make me laugh. :P

  • tight & white

    Keyboard racecard players are even funnier! Keep the fat ass attention whore ghetto types on the rap sites for the pants on the ground assholes to drool over.

  • http://GirlsInYogaPants.com Bulldog

    @ tight & white…you could’ve passed and not looked…but you DIDNT!!! You can tell by the video ‘still-shot’, that she wasnt white…but you LOOKED!!! That makes you sicker than ANY individual you may comment about!!! In a ‘gamblers’ words, “If you cant stand to LOSE…dont PLAY!!!”

  • T jay 11

    First of all I’m white and have a big dick why would I want a black one

  • RED

    Never been a fan of flappy ghetto booty and this chick is nasty.

  • http://GirlsInYogaPants.com Bulldog

    @tjay…not only do YOU want one…SHE wants one too…

  • Eferreira

    the only black girl in the world that dances like a white girl.

  • Max

    Nasty nasty nasty. 15 seconds in I wanted to puke.

  • fOrplAyAssAssIN

    Not going hold ya up white girls can’t dance I’ve asked plenty of my white friends and they agree there’s only a select few that can dance. My white friends wish white girls can dance as well as black girls. I my opinion I Prefer something that I can smack and clap instead of straight hard bone. Plus the girls ass to waist ratio is off the charts I’ll hit that any day. Skinny girls Bitch please no fun

  • bigbootydude

    ohh my god.. that is awesome, who is this chick

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