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Two booties captured in one awesome creep shot snapped by Twitter follower “KingCon31″ – If you’re not following us on Twitter this is a damn good example as to why you should be! Now go do that and then make the jump for the high res shot..


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  • battousai1

    Thick and fit and both to dick!

  • StrokerAce

    I would happily use my tongue to remove all of the lint from those two yoga pants asses. ;)

  • Kid Salami

    Damn was getting ready to rub one out to the “big booty creep shot” than this fine ass popped up :) Much better

  • willy

    Nice, and no crappy Photoshop!

  • diggler

    Epic! Very nice

  • http://aol Buddy Roe


  • The Gap

    Looks like my wife and her twin sister (no joke BTW) in their YPs, always a boner bonus for me :-) Casting a critical eye, both are full fuck material, but the left one has it for me. The right is already on the way out with a little sag on the cheeks. What’s more the shame is I married the right and not the left :-( Still I did take a couple of test rides on the left before I made my choice and you never say never again :-)

  • Bootyologist

    Do em both, but the one the right is winning.

  • stanley

    dam you two gi rls have the right? ass for me do want go out with me go to kstantheman93@aol.com write back thank u

  • buttman

    push a big ol turd out that ass girl and bulge them pants

  • diggler

    Buddy roe u fuckn fagget!

  • diggler

    The gap- stop holding out and submit pics, greedy ass! Haha, sexy twins are total legendary status!

  • Ward Cleaver

    Double tap!

  • Verified Columnist

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