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Perfect Hump Day positioning; but on a scale of 1-10, how would you rate this GIYP? Check out the high res shot after the jump and let us know in the comments..

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  • Gordon

    i have never seen a wieght lifter in heels but she looks like she could seriously hurt you

  • battousai1

    Jesus, I’d love for her to try and deadlift my dick in her ass! All 6 inches…

  • Just Sayin

    solid 8.5 outta 10
    that girl has got some serious crush a lot talent packed in the back

  • http://girlsinyogapants.com doc

    Of course she’s lifting in heels. It’s a well known fact that the footwear you were for work should be the same type of footwear you workout in. So does she work a pole or a street corner or both?

  • Zack90Deuce

    Beautiful. love her hard work and shape. makes me smile

  • Randy

    Beautiful, hot, rocks those hot black spandex leggings.

  • cheeksquad

    heels look photoshopped

  • King Shit

    Photoshop, photoshop everybody accuses a photo being fixed what the fuck, but in response to the photo snow bunny can get it.

  • steve tasker

    photoshopped heels. random pair of empty sneakers in background. coincidence?
    more angles. higher res. bury my face. 9/10

  • DarthWolf

    Something doesn’t seem right when a woman is bent over wearing a tight pair of pants and the first thought some people think of is: “her heels look photoshopped”

  • Eric Shun

    There’s a dead lift in my pants.

  • mark

    perfect 10….omg i’d luv to tap that ass

  • Yoga Guy

    Beautiful and I love those powerful thighs. Not too much, at all. I give a 10 for sure.

  • ScooterDoo

    she’s purdy

  • George Costanza

    shes a 10, I wish I could stick my finger in her asshole and then lick my fingers :)

  • YoungGun

    I bet she has some strong pelvic muscles.

  • paul

    this is a perfect 10. love to tap that ass and then some.

  • boss

    Immaculate form.

  • Lawson

    I’d rate her Magically Delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cazr

    Yeah baby let me fck the ass so hard and till i cum you inside your vigina..

  • cheeksquad

    floor looks photoshopped. She’s really outside

  • Smackthatazz

    For the people that worried about this being photoshopped. You are gay. GO CREATED YOUR OWN DAMN SITE!!!!!! 10/10

  • StrokerAce

    I’d like her to squat on my bulging cock while I deadlift it into her sweet ass! ;)

  • I had a wank

    When I saw this

  • George Costanza

    Even if all you guys cummed in her pussy I would still shove my cock in there for sloppy seconds!

  • Aldaris

    I don’t give a fuck if she can lift that weight, she has a gorgeous round ass and hips, she is in shape indeed.A pic from rear should be appreciated!

  • Carl

    That isn’t proper workout attire

  • eddie45

    Costanza! Clean your plate and finish your homework you fucking TOOL!

  • http://Giyp ASS KING

    I want to eat that Pussy and and Lick that Ass Crack!!! Ram my Dick up n her ass and shoot off on her face!! If you look at this and thing of shoes are photo shopped Your Gay!!!!!!

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    i bet that pussy TIGHT! 10!

  • http://Www.girlsinyogapants.com KarremSWAGG173

    Iam Gona have to buy a new pair of pants.


    sometimes you put weight plates under your heels to support on squats, this chic has the idea. I would love to be behind that grabbing those hips. She takes care of herself obviously so she’s probably clean you could eat that ass. Shove your chin in her cunt and just lick her clit.

  • Butt Watcher

    Boy would I love to see that ass on top pumping away.

  • yup

    thats not even how you deadlift, you’d break your back if you tried doing it that way.

    not saying i wouldnt smash, just commenting on form.

  • Pedro

    The fact that she is doing romanian deadlifts with high heels on is enough for me.

  • Pedro


    it is called a romanian dead lift or a stiff legged, or straight legged deadlift.

  • mark

    perfection….thats it,she’s #1!!! omg i would give anything to do her from behind,what a Goddess!

  • slvtrainer

    I know this bitch, she fucks like a crazy whore ohhhhh hmmmmmmm

  • lorco

    I’ll show y’all a pic of my dick in her tight pussy from behind, and it won’t be no goddamn photoshop!!

  • omg

    so hot — instant HoF

  • Joe

    Photoshopped… the original pic was of her being done by a horse.. that’s why she’s smiling. But they took the horse out and put the gym in.

  • http://girlsinyogapants raven

    Id love to eat that pussy then squirt all over her face and make her drink every fucking ounce!!!!!!!

  • robert allen

    The lowest number i would give her????….11!!!

  • NotI

    Anyone know her name? Love to see more of her.

  • wosaq

    What’s her name!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Austin Winfield


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