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Rise and shine GIYP fans, here’s a booty brought to by the mirror wall behind her. Keep going for the enlarged pic..



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  • Aldaris

    Great body’s shape, pretty face and nice boobs too!

  • Neal

    Not bad at all. One lucky stiff, who ever is banging her.

  • http://GIYP.com BULLDOG

    WHAT ASS??? She’s flat as a SURFBOARD in a PANCAKE SHOP!!! Judging by the looks of it, those pants are BARELY staying up…no ass OR hips!!!

  • http://www.first.com first


    Yeah I’m always first bitch

    Beautiful. Thanks guys at GIYP for giving me exactly what I like.

    Fit white girl with a cute face, slim waist, tight bubbly ass, nice legs, curvy and a pink asshole.

    Those yoga pants couldn’t be tighter. Definitely love for her to sit on my face and fart in my mouth so I can taste what she had for lunch.

    Looks like some fags love fat whale/pigs with saggy asses and brown assholes. Sad. There ain’t nothing better than the girl above. That’s how a female should look like.

    This gets my sweet tiny mushroom stamp of:


  • Ass Master

    There goes that dipshit ‘First’ again, thinking she’s first. ‘First’ needs to get out of mommy’s basement.

    As for the picture posted above, very nice. That is a beautiful woman.

  • Kyle


    Ya i’m usually first bitches!

    This girls ass is as flat as her thigh….You can’t even tell where 1 ends and the other begins.

  • kevin

    What booty. Looks to me like a twelve year old boy with mosquito bites on his chest.

  • George Costanza

    I think shes a little too slender, I like curvy babes with booty I can munch on for hours.

  • Admirer

    Kelly Brook, English model. Super pretty, fantastic tits, ZERO ass. I think her butt in the mirror is a photoshop job.

  • kelly brook

    That’s kelly brook

  • Kelly

    This is Kelly Brook!

  • Ming

    Ignorant faggots, that’s Kelly Brooks for her reeobok ad. Can’t believe GIYP didn’t recognise her.

  • Chun


  • Billy Bob

    She is clearly a dancer. GREAT body! Beautiful firm ass, nice muscular legs, flat stomach, b to c cup tits, and a gorgeous face. She is a 9.5 all day long! I would love to private dance with her all night long.

  • Steve

    She’s not a dancer. That’s Kelly Brook. She’a an english model/actress/tv show host.

  • Billy Bob

    Oh yaa, George Costanza/first is back. We know you’re the same person, jackwang! I could be wrong but I’m wondering if BULLDOG is also the same guy as George and first? Anybody else think that?

  • StrokerAce

    Billy Bob, I don’t know about him using “BULLDOG,” but George Firstanza certainly posts here under multiple ID’s.

    Now, for the real reason we’re here and spanking it…this chick is a hottie! In shape and flexible, no doubt. ;)

  • Furrner

    Not an amateur! That is the very lovely miss Kelly Brook.

  • Billy Bob

    What’s up StrokerAce? I don’t know, go back n read some of the stupid shit BULLDOG has written. They use a lot of the same lines. Like I said I could be wrong.

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