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Crystal Renay May Be A Perfect Ten

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perfect-10-3GIYP fan Alaa posed an excellent question today: Is Crystal Renay a perfect 10? Well, in our opinion, the answer is a clear, but if you’re still on the fence you’ll want to experience the three pictures of her big booty in yoga shorts waiting for you below.






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  • pct2k

    Hell NO! Any woman with an ass that huge is more like a 1 or 2. Only tight, small asses for me. I’m sure lots of guys will disagree with me, though.

    • Sit on my face

      “Hell NO! Any woman with an ass that huge is more like a 1 or 2. Only tight, small guys asses for me. I’m sure lots of guys will disagree with me, though.”

      Fixed that for you.

      • Abe Lee

        Had to read that 3 times…like one of those picture puzzles where you have to spot all the differences.

  • T

    You must have a little dick and can’t handle a phat ass like that…..you’re crazy

  • marty

    HELL NO !! just think how fat that thing will be in 10 years, uhg.

    • Sakilus

      Right. It’s kind of like how you don’t enjoy a steak or a burger because they’ll be bad and moldy in two weeks, right?

      Fucking logic, man.

  • doctor stinkstah

    I would totally motor boat those plump cheeks with my beak nose. thestinky dot com

  • jmac

    How can anyone say they wouldn’t pound that hot piece! If your a true ass man you don’t discriminate phat or tight dem asses are right! Lol

  • Alec Stevens

    im in love

  • Hed Furst, III

    From what I hear… guys that dont like big asses make up excuses as to why but, the REAL reason is because they dont have the equipment necessary to get the Job done.!!!! IJS

    • Prat

      I think that’s it too. You can’t bang a big ass with a 4″ pecker. Poor bastards.

  • Dats

    If you don’t like that then why are you even on this site?

  • D S

    The ugly ass tattoos ruin it for me, sorry.

    • Prat

      You’re full of shit. You’d lay down and cry if this chick offered to have sex with you. Hell probably if she offered to hold hands with you.

      • D S

        Not a chance, unlike basement dwellers like yourself. I have standards (and sex on a regular basis, not with my hand, but with an actual woman). I don’t like tats, I don’t give a shit who they are on.

  • Prat

    The first picture does her no justice. She looks like a super overly fake baked chick. After I clicked and saw the rest of the pictures though, damn.

  • RipTide

    Yeah she’s definitely a 10

  • 4 inches of man fury

    Super hot. Why can’t most pics on this website resemble this type of body? Not a fan of that arm shoulder tattoo. Her beauty is the only work of art she needs

  • Tiltowait

    She’s a 10. Ass fat knocks her down to an 8. My opinion…

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