Random Girl in Yoga Pants


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  • Ass Master

    That ass looks like life support to me!

  • anusguy


  • Ward Cleaver

    Can you imagine what that magnificent piece of meat feels like if doggy styling?

  • http://none Dustin Robbins

    I think an ass like that needs a trophy… or at least a nice pat ;-)

  • olskoolsteve

    mmm…would love to have those buns squeeze my now hard dick!

  • marty batman

    i just wanna hug it

  • assbandito


  • Tom

    I bet she has a great personality…

  • Metoo

    That is a very nice athletic booty!

  • lorco

    I WIL GLADLY HELP HER WORKOUT VIGOROUSLY IN THE BEDROOM AND MAKE HER SWEAT and I wll sweat too we will both be covered in sweat and panting and then collapse in a gloroiusly exhausted pile of sex funk!

  • Onree

    I just wana put my face in it!

  • lol

    ahaha. u boys leave the nastyest coments sex funk lol

  • lulzer

    She can queef in my cereal anyday.

  • The Last Universalist

    I’d love to give her a private workout.

  • George Costanza

    I would tell her to clench her butt cheeks so hard that it would tear off my cock!

  • william olson

    I just woke up first website i looked at now this is the way i need to wake up everymorning

  • Sgt GoodTIMES!

    If I had to choose my own death, it would be to be some there’s by this ass!

  • StrokerAce

    She’d definitely kill me in the sack, BUTT what a way to go! ;)

  • I creamed my fucking jeans

    When I saw this

  • M.S. in Bootyology

    WOW. Perfection…. Why the fak cant more girls look like this? Why?

  • GIYP192

    Holy fuck this goes into the HoF!!! God damn that ass is PERFECT.

  • william olson

    man i saw this and im still nuttin

  • dingusss

    nice nice nice

  • lafdason

    that is good in any position

  • tony

    lol god dam……wow…..what gym is this

  • diggler

    HOF! Holy shit that’s the greatest ass on this website! Fuckn sexy as hell!


    I would eat a yard of shit to get to her ass pipe

  • tony

    lol screw HOF shit ……its called girls in yoga pants legends status…….

  • http://Giyp ASS KING

    She is a Legend!!!! Great Body!!! After licking this Ass!! I’d let clamp
    that tight ass on my dick!! Then Skeet all over that Ass!!

  • Ward Cleaver

    Guys, I keep coming back to this one. Tony is right, this is LEGEND status.

    I recommend that at GIYP fans take a brief moment of silence to recognize the beauty of this ass and to thank this gal for the hard work to form this magnficient booty.

  • steve tasker

    such a delicious meatball. soooooooo delicious

  • http://AOL Sammy J.

    Definetely photoshopped!!!

  • diggler

    Photo shopped? Are u high? She works that ass out! Total legend!

  • sirmixalot

    wow look at those calve muscles!

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Sir Juciest Gluteus

    OMG..OMG..OMG!!..I wanna put my face in that ass and lick all the curves and in between the cracks!

  • mr.white

    would love to put a hard cock in her ass and pussy at the same time she needs cum

  • Ass Lover Extraordinare

    That Ass is magnificent.Instant hall of fame!The combination of that masterpiece ass,powerful legs,strong torso equals massive turn on.Best Ass on entire site!

  • Joe

    That’s a dude…. i work at that gym… he posted that pic as a joke, and now you’re all gay for loving him!!

  • wooww

    Awww it looks sad i would give it a view kisses then lick that sweaty stinky butthole for hours id eat that ass mmmmm

  • Trent

    if i had a bagel, i would eat only half of it and i would offer the rest to her. If she accepted the half of the bagel, i would not give it to her but instead rip the half in half. but unfortunately she is allergic to blueberry bagels so i went and got her a bag of doritos and shove it down her ass while i glue my thumbs to my nipples and pretend im a t-rex. to make a long story short, she has a nice ass.


    I almost had my first heart attack

  • smokintat

    Holy crap that is one incredibly tight ass….sweet!

  • jigsaw

    i uno about u but if she is sweaty i wouldnt mind sniffin her butt

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