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A female GirlsInYogaPants.com reader noticed the fantastic booty in this advertisement and after having no luck finding it online, snapped a creep shot in the store window for all of us to gawk at. We like your dedication to delivering delightful booty and hope to see your name in our inbox again soon! Until then, keep going for the high res version..


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  • StrokerAce

    And now it’s time to straddle her, dry hump that ass, and squeeze those tits. ;)

  • ObstructedView

    … i think you mean “gawk” (to stare stupidly); “gock” isn’t a word in the English language

  • Lester Paul

    Crossfit is the best place to go to see fit girls in Yoga shorts and pants. Of course, there is always the possibility you’ll embarrass yourself in front of them by puking or passing out.

  • Molefi Clement

    Cool stuff.

  • Ass Master

    Beggin’ for a piece of that bubble!!

  • buttman

    ugly ass bitch looks like Ron Howard, no thanks

  • Richard Head

    Wait all the prime ass pics that haven’t had a high resolution shot and we get one of a picture of a picfure? She’s ok but nothing to gawk at.

  • Topher

    Annie thoristtoter she won a crossfit competion and was coined the worlds fittest woman

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